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  1. You are wrong for using insufficient kindness in your statements! Gary didn’t do his job well enough, with more tweeting he could have taught you to be kinder when disagreeing!

  2. You don't have to be kind to Russian sympathisers, it's enough to drop mortar shells on them while they suck each other off

  3. there's probably some philosophical bullshit in there

  4. It's probably closer to that "wisdom of crowds" phenomenon where the average of a bunch of guesses is usually pretty close to the actual value (county fair style "how many sweets in the jar" or "how heavy is the pig" games being the examples I can think of offhand)

  5. Google can get away with this shit because their positions are so highly coveted and well-known. Not sure what crawled up this company's ass though.

  6. Afaik Google have also stopped with the dumbass questions because they were a poor indicator of competence (who'd have guessed!?)

  7. "water supply to Crimea is assured" seems pretty reasonable in isolation (and yet seems incredibly unreasonable in the context of a literal fucking war)

  8. The water supply to Crimea would be very secure should the Peninsula find itself back in Ukrainian hands. Even moreso if Ukraine was allowed to join a military alliance to prevent this exact same thing happening again in 3 years if/when Russia's military gets its shit together and learns that tanks need fuel to operate

  9. Yeah exactly, there's a real easy solution if Russia feels humanitarian

  10. Why waste your time on a stupid bicycle when you can have a car? Waste of time

  11. Why waste your time on a stupid car when you can have a hovercraft? Waste of time

  12. Yeah and not every African in America is even American.

  13. I was not talking about your experience just in general was the guy who said it American any any chance?


  15. "The only thing I’m sorry about is that I didn’t get to do it myself."

  16. Honestly, we should go to war with them for referring to themselves as “the Federation.” Captain Picard would never!

  17. Sisko would fuck the Russians up! Doubt he'd even feel remorse he'd just war crime their asses

  18. you would say you’re against homophobia, right? since you accused me and another commenter of being homophobic. how do you feel about andrew’s record of using the word “fag”?

  19. While this line of reasoning should be valid it's sadly not. Racists/homophobes/etc. love to accuse others of racism/homophobia/etc., they know most ppl see these things as bad even if they themselves do not.

  20. Well yes, they are children they tend to be small

  21. You could probably cram a regular blahaj in there with a bit of force

  22. Fair enough. I don't want kids but with cost of living I can see a million being needed to raise a family.

  23. $20,000 × 50 years is a million, and you likely need both more money and more years

  24. the one on the right came with pirate sets back in the day

  25. The one on the right didn't even exist "back in the day"

  26. So don’t call strangers twinks and I won’t disappear off the face of the earth. Got it.

  27. There is insufficient evidence to draw that conclusion

  28. That’s kind of how she won her Oscar.

  29. I think I'll take my chances with the empire of super hitler over the literal forces of hell.

  30. Then you are weak and deserve to perish with your corpse emporer

  31. 1 times the drunk but 4 times the nausea

  32. This was my experience when on strong antibiotics. A single mouthful of beer felt like a whole pint in my stomach, made the very sensible decision not to drink anymore

  33. Have you found a way to limit nuclear fallout and global ash cover or is a nuclear winter something you're just willing to deal with to destroy Russia.

  34. Nuclear winter is a credible solution to man-made climate change

  35. Not the first time that has happened.

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