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Bullies decide to jump the quiet kid…does not go well for them

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  1. My 10 scale is categorical and starts at 5 with “not fat.” Ranks 1-5 are just “fat” and I just treat them like people instead of like women.

  2. Spoken like a true wsb degenerate. I'm here for it.

  3. unless your an adult child of an alcoholic and suffer from an inferiority complex that causes low self esteem creating a feedback mechanism via social anxiety that causes other people to treat you like you're weird reinforcing said inferiority complex.

  4. Oh yeah, no, this definitely has nothing to do with the Fukushima nuclear disaster /s

  5. Was.. That like a bongo drum? The only instruments that might have been more comedic to knock a fucker out with would be like a triangle or tambourine.

  6. Holy fuck throwing a pool ball like a baseball at close range could definitely be a kill shot. That guy needs to be removed from society and put in a human zoo with all the other outcasts of society.

  7. I'm having a hard time figuring out if a full baseball swing with the butt of a pool stick to the face is exactly justified and not unhinged itself.

  8. Guy threw a ~150 gram pool ball at full force into someone off screen, which is equally if not more dangerous.

  9. There are so many. Just Google, "Clinton Mena Arkansas CIA Cocaine "

  10. Fake as hell. You can see dude put his hands out before hitting the ground.

  11. First thing they should have avoided, was making this video.

  12. I was gonna say something along the lines of this. It's not like they grew up together knowingly being brother and sister, they see each other only as significant others only up until this point. For all intents and purposes that's all they are to each other. So it would make sense to just keep it moving the way it is. It's not a knowingly instestial relationship. At this point the only problem is biologically similar genes. So although they will probably reconsider having more kids, they're just a couple... And all that being said, they should just do things the way they were doing them. However, to do that, you should have kept your mouths shut about it lol because the only problem they really introduced here is other peoples' judgements. They fucked up by making this video lmao

  13. Well know that they know, to continue to participate in this relationship in a physical sense would put them in direct conflict with the laws of the land, so in short they could potentially be incarcerated

  14. Unlikely to be incarcerated. Any reasonable judge would hear their case.

  15. White boy dropped that ninja. Real question is did he get any pussy from the blonde after? 🥴

  16. Drive it like a granny. Don't text and drive!!!!!!

  17. Bro literally went to the trunk & pulled out the pole. Nice.

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