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  1. Carvoeiro is gorgeous! I'll be there in early June. Can't wait.

  2. Around here,m for an 8 hour shift, employees are supposed to get two paid 15-minute breaks and a half hour unpaid meal break. Pretty standard stuff.

  3. This is what made me sell the game. Sick to death of it.

  4. Huh? This made you sell the game? It's just a small funny interaction between two players.

  5. Any chance you could post these bets before the game? 😂

  6. Try using DS4Windows, if nothing works restarts the PC sometimes the "Wireless Controller" drivers kinda get confused and stop responding.

  7. You're a star! Works great. What's the PS4 button for that L Alt see through wall thing? I can't seem to change the button. I go to controls and try to change it but just goes back to L Alt again

  8. Zinc, saw Palmetto, fish oil, probiotics. Plenty out there. But for me zinc was the most important one. Worked well for me. Can get zinc picolinate, zinc citrate and just normal zinc. I haven't tried the citrate one so I wouldn't know about that but the other 2 are great. Just make sure you take zinc with food. Makes you really nauseous, only lasts about 5 minutes but it is horrible. Try

  9. I've been using nasal spray for years and I've noticed that when you use it the once just to clear it up a bit, after a while, like you say, it becomes blocked again. I think it's your nose's way of becoming addicted. There are people out there addicted to nasal spray. My dad was using it a lot and one day had a severe nose bleed that just didn't stop and scared him. Think it ruptured one of the vessels up his nose.

  10. Sorry to hear about your situation. It's weird because when I was 18/19 I was like right, I want to be married, have kids, nice house, nice car etc but life has handed me the total opposite deck.

  11. I know the feeling. Life feels soooo illusional and somewhat dull.

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