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  1. How are so many monitors connected to a gpu? Multiple gpus?

  2. This whole shit is custom made, so probably a gpu with lots and lots of ports. But idk

  3. This is cool - I have questions:

  4. I think it’s worth pointing out that these are all AFIS units, they’re not controlled airports.

  5. I see a lot of people buying this to get rid of disconnect popup. You don't have to now. I've reached out to a friend who makes MSFS content and he made a small add-on that closes that popup immediately. You can find it here:

  6. Bro tysm, my internet is shit and this is perfect for me who do night flights often while sleeping

  7. Were they not making callouts, or could you just not hear it?

  8. well yes, but you can hear the switches being toggled then you think you'd also be able to hear callouts.

  9. The switches make more noise. We have our mic pretty close to our mouth so we dont talk very loudly. Happy cake day btw

  10. Cool thing about Bodo is you can go up the old ATC tower and watch the takeoffs/landings.

  11. Yep, been there like 3 times haha 😂 Did you try the flight simulator?

  12. No. I was only in the area for a short time so I did the museum only.

  13. Minor nit: I wish the camera was a little off center so we weren’t staring at the strut separating the windshields.

  14. Yep, forgot doing it on takeoff. If you see my other post (landing) i had the camera off center. I was too excited to think of that during the takeoff

  15. Which question would you least like to answer 😉?

  16. Tough one. Honestly any comment that is too "extreme" if you know what i mean

  17. Først har du de lokale konkurransene (Melodi Grand Prix i Norge), som bestemmer hva som sendes til Eurovision.

  18. Tenkte jeg ikke på. Er så lat at jeg velger å spørre på reddit i stedet for å google selv 😅

  19. Build a railway that goes around and around all the way up. Think it might look cool

  20. Den radarstasjonen er nok fortsatt i bruk tror jeg. Ville vært forsiktig med å ta bilder av den da det er militært anlegg og forbudt å ta bilder.

  21. Ikke i bruk lenger. Er fullt lov. Åpne porter også. Det kommer litt lyd derfra så de bruker den kanskje som en slags backup.

  22. Hvordan vet du at den ikke er i bruk? Det henger plakater der det står man ikke kan ta bilder fortsatt mener jeg? At portene er åpne kan jo være fordi den ikke er bemannet hele tiden og de som er på stasjonen ikke husker å stenge portene hele tiden?

  23. Ops klarte å slette svaret. Uansett det jeg sa var: Alle jeg har spurt sier at radarstasjonen ikke er i bruk. Og jeg tror nok at forsvaret vet at det er en populær turistplass, så de hadde nok stengt portene hvis den var i aktivt bruk. Jeg sett mange mange bilder av radarstasjonen, så jeg tror nok ikke at forsvaret bryr seg. Jeg tok også bare bilde av utsikten, og ikke et eneste av radarstasjonen. Vi gikk opp til radarstasjonen, og det er ikke noe spennende der å ta bilde av uansett siden det er bare grå vegger og en kuppel der.

  24. Are You logged into a Microsoft account? If you aren't, that's why. (MC requires a Microsoft account to connect to to go online. IE you need a unique username that servers can track.)

  25. If you are going to norway, you should go along the entire coast. It's beautiful.

  26. wdym? A GSX profile is where GSX stores custom values overriding the default coordinates provided by the scenery and the default computations done to place elements based on these coordinates. So, without a profile GSX will make its best guesses. Whether a profile is needed depends on whether you are satisfied with the default placements. It was functional and totally acceptable at every airport/gate I tried, save one or two. When that happened I just hopped to another gate, GSX conveniently provides the function to jump from gate to gate with a click.

  27. I am looking to make a custom gsx profile for a payware airport that does not already have one uploaded on

  28. So, if the payware scenery's data (coordinates of gates, stop positions) is very clean and accurate, the default GSX behaviour will likely already be good. On top of that, if you want to add parking aids (other than the default marshaller), then it will become a custom profile.

  29. On many payware airports the already there profiles are terrible. That's why many people redo the entire profiles and upload them for others to use them.

  30. Ye it's loading flights and my settings are all good

  31. Where you flying? And what time of day? FSLTL injects real time traffic, so if no one’s flying in real life, you don’t see any in the sim.

  32. Rn im not flying. But i flew at Heathrow and Dubai yesterday and no planes were doing anything

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