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  1. Idk about undoubtedly, but in my opinion the first track of these albums are the best:

  2. I guess I didn’t really know there was a limited edition. Gonna need to stay on the lookout

  3. Me neither, I was looking for something else and thought why not, pretty rare to find stuff like that here.

  4. Another photo with it all unpacked on my profile

  5. Found this one at my local record store, we don't get a lot of experimental or "underground" records here so I got it. The most expensive record I own, but totally worth it.

  6. Nice pick up, how much did it run you?

  7. About $70, never played before, it's my first kind of expensive vinyl but I found it at my local record store and thought that I would probably never find it again

  8. It really does, XXX too! Danny's got some great covers.

  9. Kanye West, MF DOOM, Kendrick and Radiohead veryyy close (I think GKMC is 10 and TPAB is 9.5) (Kid A is 9.5 and OK Computer is 10)

  10. Rym is user based rated. It has 3 Radiohead's albums, 2 Pink Floyd's, and 2 Kendrick's in the top 10. It shows the popularity of the albums among specific users, but it's light years away from a serious list.

  11. How is it not serious? Does any other site have more ratings than RYM? If the majority of people agree on something (TPAB being nr. 1) isn't that what matters the most? I don't necessarily agree with TPAB nr. 1 but you can't really argue with data like that.

  12. Viktor Vaughn (MF DOOM) - Vaudeville Villain, If you haven't listened to it, it gets overlooked I think.

  13. kid A is really good but i like in rainbows more

  14. I never really got that in to In Rainbows. Another of my picks would be Wish You Were Here, but I don't have the LP yet:(

  15. I want that Danny Brown LP so bad, but it's so expensive here

  16. Good kid m.a.a.d city, Madvillainy and maybe the powers that be, if it counts as 1 album

  17. I swear gkmc and madvillainy(and mbdtf for me) are just so perfect. They are all such landmarks in hiphop AND have massive replay value(sorry tpab)

  18. True, I've always said that tpab is more meaningful, but it's not something I listen to regularly. I like late registration more though but I get it.

  19. 10th anniversary RSD exclusive, they are pretty cheap on Discogs rn at like 30-35 apiece

  20. I paid the same for this one without the cool stuff, oh well. Thanks.

  21. TA13OO does clear MMESYF for me personally, but I can see why there would be a debate.

  22. Honestly I think GKMC is better overall, but the themes of TPAB hit harder.

  23. My favorite album of all time, Madvillainy. 2004

  24. The drawing being done in my classroom limited my creative freedom, sadly.

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