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  1. No need to look for other bands yet, Jethro Tull is a deep well of a lot of amazing albums, try Thick as a Brick, Stand Up, This Was and keep going from there.

  2. I remember I had an all-in-one turntable and it played my records too fast. I'm assuming that's what you have.

  3. I bet you know some of Free's music also. :) Seriously, listen to Fire and Water. Less than 6 months later I owned the entire catalog including the box set.

  4. I love Free! They're definitely a case where most only know one song, but the others are even better.

  5. If you, a 27 year old, got into a relationship with someone who was 21-22, no one would care. You shouldn't feel weird about it, either.

  6. J Cole and Kendrick, although fairly modern rappers, aren't necessarily in the same context when people are dissing on today's rap music. Those guys actually made coherent and original albums that flow very well and discussed an array of important topics and issues.

  7. I love Marvin Gaye, but are we including Motown in this list? Because we have missed an awful lot. Mow town could have its own list just as long

  8. Technically not classic rock by today's standards, but still essential to a 60s compilation.

  9. We're not in high school anymore. Who cares? I met one of my good friends when I was 19 and he was about 25 or so. No big deal, both young adults.

  10. The understanding that we are not special or even particularly important. It’s actually liberating

  11. Agreed! I think that with all this media we personalize for our consumption, we tend to think this. Everyone contributes to the world in their own special way, but no is is special.

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