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  1. Tf you mean not the prettiest this is insanely good


  3. Dogs are going to be bummed. Cats will realize our worth when it's too late

  4. Every domesticated animal would be troubled, some more than others. Think about the millions of cows/pigs/chicken that are alive only to feed us. A whole lot of them would die to starvation without us feeding them. There's an

  5. Nowadays you have a wide range of terms to describe intolerant people yet you decided to generalize even further. Do you see how you are doing exactly the same as people that generalize prejudices based on race/country of origin/religion? Do you see how you might be confronting people that are on your side? That surely wont help the movement

  6. Que lleva? Saludos desde Canarias compadres :)

  7. Feelings and technicalities never go together. Definitely unfitted for the subreddit

  8. Yeah. There's still nothing technical about feelings. OP also never stated that one would be technically more naked without shoes on

  9. Otro caso más de técnicas de organización criminal en partidos políticos. Ojalá me sorprendiera.

  10. This is absolutely insane. Congratulations.

  11. YEAH missing some spoiler flairs over here from op... ¬¬

  12. Bald eagles are notoriously stupid. There is no better bird to represent the US population.

  13. The feeling of discovery on the first few playthroughs, but especially the first one - still the highlight of my life gaming experiences.

  14. Not me watching tens of hours of factorio content before my first playthrough and always having the anxiety I'm doing things unefficiently :( Still really enjoy the game though

  15. Situation two is problematic. I see prostitution as something that should be independent. Equal to Uber, DoorDash, etc. You don’t get recruited, you sign up.

  16. You can't simplify reality that much. You're a bit disconnected from it. You continue to compare the work of a prostitute to the work you'd do in DoorDash why not comparing to YOU being the prostitute. Get in her shoes don't alienate the situation. Delivering food is definitely not the same as working as a prostitute.

  17. It's not that money buys happiness. The lack of money leads to stress and anxiety. This people are just endig their misery they don't come from a neutral point.

  18. Damn you. Now it’s stuck in my head again.

  19. What is this? As a spaniard I'm very confused

  20. An Italian would kill you without hesitation

  21. I get what you’re saying, but that’s kinda like saying that there’s luck involved in your airplane pilot not having a stroke during the flight. Yes, bad things can happen, avoiding them isn’t luck when there is skill on display.

  22. I hope that pilot doesn't attempt a barrel roll and then have a stroke which is a more accurate comparison to what happened in the video going bad. I do admire that driving too but it's hella unsafe and irresponsible.

  23. That's what I came say. It wasn't even a cat 1 when it hit Orlando. It had already been reduced to a tropical storm.

  24. Liberals be like: “can’t believe Republicans listen to Fox News all the time, so glad I can’t be tricked by propaganda” 👁️ 👄 👁️

  25. I get really confused with us politics since both parties seem very bad and economic far right, you're not saying Republicans are good either right?

  26. This is a far-left sub. No one on here likes either of those parties. This sub's criticisms towards liberals comes from the left and not the right.

  27. 14 hours a day isn't full time if anything it's full time and a half. You're essentially working a 8 hour a day week job in 3 days

  28. Yo tengo una máquina recreativa con el primer Metal Slug. La compré por 100 € al dueño de los antiguos recreativos de mi pueblo.

  29. What about including countries that might be above the USA

  30. They don't really, they have lots of buyback and recycling programs, and use a large amount of recycled materials in their products.

  31. Yeah like that time they said they wouldn't give you a power brick "because it's wasteful. And the proceded to included a usb-c to lightning cable, incompatible with the old brick you had allegedly had. Also talking about lighting cables, you can't tell me they couldn't have figured how to make them last more than two years. Might have something to do with them almost making more money on iPhone accessories than iPhones themselves. After all the ranting, I gotta say I acknowledge Apple is VERY good at certain things. You just gotta keep in mind marketing is one of them.

  32. You're mostly right. They will never do anything to help keep e-waste low if it hurts their revenue in the slightest.

  33. oh and this gives me quite unique logistical problems to solve, because each journey from base2 to station 500 is around ~30-40 minutes (didnt measure it recently) on nuclear fuel and full train speed, thats kinda fun

  34. There's this mod that completely disables train speed limit. I think you'd really like at least trying it for a test it's quite ridiculous in long stretches of track like yours

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