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  1. But there ARE millions of pre sapient hominids! You can find them in churches mostly.

  2. Wait...let me get this straight - you actually PAY a mortgage? I mean, I thought about it once but before I could reach into my coin purse to pay the first coupon my private accounting firm wound up spinning it off into a bond that was later bought by a Norwegian Herring Pickling Plant pension fund.

  3. Russia fears any aircraft entering Ukraine that aren't assembled by alcoholics from substandard parts

  4. She should get marooned on a desert island somewhere

  5. "how dare you defend yourself against my unprovoked aggression"

  6. Guaranteed to help you get off a coffee addiction

  7. While individual Xians vary in their acceptance of different lifestyles it seems that the most vocal and organized Xian groups are solidly anti "everything that isn't like them."

  8. If it's not a complete set in the original packaging it's worthless

  9. And didn't pay it because don't have pockets and forgot the wallet

  10. Maybe he has an open account at that store?

  11. Fucking guy was soiling his pants when it happened then goes to kiss Trump's orange, voluminous ass afterwards

  12. He thinks he's going to live in South America. The only thing keeping him alive is his stock pile of nukes

  13. Ah yes, what are the odds that some person inside the government has a relative that works in social media? /s

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