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You get a one in a life time opportunity to own your own real life pokemon team, randomly generated. However you can only generate one team and one team only. What pokemon did you get and are you pleased with it?

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  1. Can't say I'm real happy with what I got, but the full art cards are neat. Usually I buy packs when a new set comes out, but it'll probably be more singles than packs from here on out.

  2. Worthless? No. They're a fun look back at the early days of the TCG. As someone who's still going through old boxes to find my old collection, I love when people find their old binders. Those cards may not be worth thousands of anything, but Dark Gyarados? Aerodactyl? Promo cards? Those look pretty damn neat to me.

  3. Dunno how I got this team, as it's half of a dream team for me.

  4. Ordered the Bulbasaur Pin Pokemon Go booster package on a whim cause it was on sale at Wal Mart. Came with 3 Booster packs. Literally one after the other I pulled the Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket or something.

  5. Nice collection! Do you plan on getting the lightning 4's or the heirloom 1's?

  6. The Heirlooms are a little more brown than yellow for my preference, so I'd pass those up. I do kinda want to try the Lightning 4's though. Never have had a 4 so I'm not sure how they feel, and those are way more yellow than any pair I have, so I'm curious if I could still pull it off.

  7. I like the color scheme, what can I say? For real, these are possibly my favorite colorway for a Jordan 1 I've ever seen. So happy I managed to cop a pair of these, on the SNKRS app no less! Glad to have another addition to the family.

  8. The JHS Little Black Amp Box. It's almost ridiculously simple, just a volume knob, an input, and an output. But My Micro Dark and my MT 15 don't have master volumes, so it's nice to have that at the end of the loop so I can crank the volume without getting too loud if other people are home.

  9. Oh those are so cool! My only problem is what color would I prefer? I'm favoriting your store until I decide :P

  10. I'm not a huge fan of Bane's re-design. The spikes are just unnecessary, and the mask just doesn't look right. The darker colors work better, but he should still look like a jacked up Luchador to me.

  11. Adding my comment. Thanks so much for doing this!

  12. i use this cases, please get perfect fit sleeves for your cards! the cards can still move around in them and can get damaged, please put them in perfect sleeves before putting in the cases to protect them properly :)

  13. I went ahead and ordered some there. Too bad the sleeves from the trainer boxes don't work for that, those seemed a little bulky

  14. You won't believe me, but those two are also my rarest cards I have, and I wouldn't give them away for double of their price 🥲

  15. Hey, there's something about pulling that rare card out of a pack. It's def a high. The Mew especially I don't think I'd ever get rid of just cause it was the first time that ever really happened to me.

  16. Still my favorite set I've ever bought. I'm still upset I missed out on the Keaton Batmobile. Here's hoping that one gets re-issued sometime. Looks great!

  17. I managed to pick up the 1989 Batmobile secondhand from eBay recently at around the original retail price. Took a lot of watching and waiting, but it was worth it. You can still get it for a reasonable price if you keep an eye out.

  18. Hm, didn't think to check eBay. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks, bud.

  19. Wow. Y'know, I played the crap out of the Pokemon TCG Gameboy game back in the day, and the Meowth that came with it is still one of my most treasured cards I own. I had no idea that the Dragonite was made into an actual card too. Crap, I'm gonna have to try to find one now. Nice find!

  20. Finally hit on a pair of the Taxi 1's, on the Sneakers app no less. I'd used that thing so many times and each time I'd taken an L on it. But damn if the thing didn't come through for me on what is possibly my favorite looking pair of 1's I've ever seen. These are gonna look awesome with my Boston Bruins jerseys for the upcoming season.

  21. The 1989 Batmobile and the giant Jurassic Park T-Rex.

  22. That is quite nice of you. Here's my entry. Hoping next time they do these giveaways I know about it and I can just register myself.

  23. Depending on what time of year it is? Either my Jordan 1 low Black and White Diamonds, or my Jordan 1 High City of Flight. The City of Flight was my first ever pair of Jordans so they've seen some wear, but so far haven't given up on me.

  24. I've been collecting since the original base set came out and I've never pulled a Charizard, now I pulled two out of the same pack. I should buy me a lottery ticket.

  25. Did these come out and I just missed them? I thought they were releasing tomorrow and now everywhere online says September. I'm confused.

  26. This is probably one of the most interesting queries I've ever seen put on this sub. All things considered, I really have to go NAH. On the one hand, I get it. He lost his wife, he still on a certain level misses her. It's natural to still hold on to certain things from that era. She's his past, you're his present and (hopefully) future. I'd say you're being incredibly gracious by displaying the flag in the living room, and honestly, I think it's perfectly healthy to still have certain things around that remind you of a past spouse. A decoration here, a flag here, a painting in a certain spot. They're things that can fit into your new situation without being overtly about someone else.

  27. Yeah, different strokes and all that. I never was a big fan of them. I remember seeing them play Duality live on Leno when Vol 3 first came out and I honestly thought something was wrong with him the first time he did a proper scream.

  28. I remember that the common explanation back then was that he blew out his voice but that’s obviously not true

  29. Yeah, that's the rumor that always went around, that he blew out his voice on the Iowa tour and he had a vocal coach teach him how to scream again before Vol 3

  30. I'm a sucker for Black, white, and gold so I'm actually really digging these.

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