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  1. Most of those buyers don't need 3 rows all the time. Typical family has 2-3 kids and keeps the third row down for cargo. Every once in awhile they need to cart around additional kids (like going to a sporting event or party) and put the third row back up to carry the extra kids. There are a large number of SUVs that support that lifestyle.

  2. Exactly. We have a 2020 Sorento with 2 kids. We are going on year 4 with the vehicle, and we have needed the 3rd row 4-5 times. Love having the option to include grandma or grandpa on day trips .

  3. Yeah, first year. Anything I should look out for?

  4. My Bermuda definitely didn’t bounce back as well after rye and was patchier to fill in. When did you kill off the rye?

  5. I didn’t really kill off the rye, I thought it would just die on its own with the heat. Am I wrong about that?

  6. Not piling even more shit on me as soon as I walk through the door.

  7. I felt this in my bones. As a man, I feel like 95% of what my wife talks to me about is A. Things i need to fix B. Things I’m doing wrong.

  8. I’m taking my first vacation in 3 years after today. I work in healthcare, and it’s been a pretty draining 3 years. Taking my daughter and son to Disneyland next week & having dinner at medieval times .

  9. I don’t know if these are unpopular opinions, but the WCW tag titles were the ugliest titles in all wcw history.

  10. I was really hoping the 49ers foundation brought back the family picnic this year. Looks like that’s not happening, I’m bummed .

  11. They botched this. It was a great opportunity to incorporate the AZ flag colors. Now they just look like Ohio State with less talent.

  12. From all the Florida fan feedback, this feel like if Logan Thomas went in the top 10

  13. Honestly if I had the money for replica belts it would be Big gold, NWA HW, WCW TV, and this one. I don’t have any attachment to the modern WWE design so this was a cool change up.

  14. Idk why, but the WCW TV title always looked gray to me. And it was normally worn by an up and coming mid carder who was on their way up. Jericho and Booker come to mind

  15. Ohhh, man. I really hope we can make it happen. Trade deebo, give up a pick, come home baby!

  16. For every Lamar Jackson he nails, there is a Kellen Mond.

  17. Awesome, I was just telling my wife we need to do this. Do I text that number to coordinate?

  18. There should be a number on the box or take it back to the girl you bought it from. They’ll exchange it for you. (I’m a Girl Scout leader)

  19. You can also take it straight back to the council office if you can’t find the troop. They will replace the box, might even throw in an extra box for the inconvenience.

  20. I work with a pretty large venue in my area, and we’ve worked with, and I’ve opened for, a lot of comics who have had very large podcast followings.

  21. He announce this will be his last year. He will get the retirement tour, his 59 mil, and ride off into the sunset .

  22. I’ve been doing stand up for 13 years. Not trying to make it big or famous, just genuinely love doing it and getting better, and I’ve ran a few mics/ shows in my day.

  23. Standup is so underrated as a hobby. When I’m most stress I just go do open mics. I’m not bad, not great either. But it definitely gets me off edge.

  24. Oh for sure. Really hate the mentality of “ get out of my way if you aren’t trying to make it”. I have 2 kids, a wife, and an amazing career. I’m Better at standup than my job, but I’m not going to drop everything to work the road.

  25. La Perla Bakery on White Lane & Hughes

  26. This is the best in town I’ve tried. I believe it was even featured in a food piece from the LA times.

  27. The kid who played Jon Lovitz son in benchwarmers passed away from an overdose 5 years ago. RIP Max Prado

  28. As much as Damar is an amazing story and we are all glad he is healthy, I would not put it passed the NFL to screw the Bills in an AFC Championship game because they don’t want a player dying on the field the be the focus/talk of the 2 weeks leading up to the the Super Bowl.

  29. Lol I don’t mind. We got the flashy dude in Deebo already. We got ourselves a dude who likes to shop at J. Crew!

  30. I think the nepotism in Hollywood is just fine. It's really no different than any other business, and Hanks is right that the creative output still needs to work for the audience, and that includes the talent. So yes, families of actors and other insiders may have a leg up, but they don't get to be big stars just because of their names. Colin Hanks, for instance, isn't exactly an A-lister. He's a working actor that fits certain types of roles, but no one is going to a movie or clicking on a Netflix series to watch Colin Hanks. Real talent rises to the top.

  31. I get that talent rises to the top, and nobody is watching or seeking out a Colin Hank’s film;however, Colin’s opportunities could have been given to someone with actual talent. It could have been someone else’s big break, first film, and the opportunity didn’t go to them because the last name and a pulse got Colin the role.

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