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  1. sounds just like some shitty uk team to have a completely general name so people will comfuse it

  2. They were originally called Thames Ironworks, the works team of the Thames Ironworks & Shipbuilding Company. The hammers on their badge are specifically rivet hammers, and that's where the nickname comes from.

  3. My strat has been to read spoilers at a rate of 2-3 words per unspoil/collapse/expand cycle

  4. It just looks like an error, it's really not obvious that you were referring to the comment.

  5. Just delete and move on dude, you're embarrassing yourself.

  6. How on earth is anyone supposed to know you're referring to a comment that you didn't reply to? Especially OP, to them it'll look like you were meaning the ones in the post.

  7. It makes sense when you consider the band members, but Eternal Champion often have Hardcore bands on tour with them

  8. Weird how the supposed fans of the comics have such little knowledge of the source material.

  9. Even people who aren't comic fans know that Peter's parents are dead. It's a key part of his character.

  10. Here in the UK, we've literally just had a report dropped concluding that our Police are institutionally racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and incompetent. I wouldn't count on that "every other first world country" idea.

  11. Wasn't that just the Met though? Or at least the report only covered them.

  12. I mean...I've taken a single glass-making class. They had tools. Well, I guess the ancients must have had similar tools. I've just literally never seen any tools on display. Or even mentioned.

  13. The Romans definitely had glass blowing, it was invented before the Roman Empire was a thing.

  14. Off to Milton Keynes shortly as I need to go to the Asian supermarket & IKEA, then cinema to finally watch Ant-Man.

  15. My wife’s parents think ninjas are evil because it’s from the east. They didn’t allow them to watch ninja turtles.

  16. It's properly windy out, so I'm having beer & eating cheese instead of going to bed.

  17. unironically true, growing up mixed race in an all white British area was craaaazy, going round mates’ houses for tea was always eye opening

  18. They're consistent and honestly I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing. With ABR, you know what you'll get. If it ain't broke, as they say.

  19. First off, that's quite the stretch at over 20 per day (all 365 per year). The article is paywalled, and hardly a very reliable source.

  20. Says the guy from a country that has just got its collective head around contactless payments… 😂

  21. Says the person living in the country where abortion is illegal, teaching gender and race theory is illegal,where nudity equates to sex, children have to go through mandatory survival training against guns, race based segration is still a thing with regards to city planning and infrastructure, open and institutional discrimination still is a big thing.

  22. You forgot the only developed country where slavery is still legal.

  23. Moderators can remove a post by hiding it instead of the standard process of deleting it which gives the user a notification and a chance to appeal. I’ve got a few posts in other subs treated like that.

  24. Mods cannot delete posts at all. Only users can delete their posts.

  25. Well, considering that it's the boomer politics/economic stewardship that's left us in this position, then I would place the blame at their door, not at Gen X.

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