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  1. If you have a girlfriend who sings while she cooks, then you have an amazing special beautiful person in your life and if you don’t treat her like a precious treasure then you may deserve to lose her.

  2. Maybe your mormons have a dog ugly indian. Ours is very quick to accuse of child abuse, you should be so lucky.

  3. Nah its not to harm her I just like her friend thats why

  4. Man you gotta find a better crowd. It’s easy and fun to hang out with just whoever especially if they supply booze or drugs. Which are fun but hurt you later. As a 32 yr old plz listen. People who are bad for you can make you feel good in the moment.

  5. I would discourage you from thinking about his activities as needing to offer “benefit”. Free choice play is a critically important thing for child development. Your toddler will play in all sorts of ways that make no sense to your adult brain. Just get out of the way, keep your comments to yourself and let your child play away!!

  6. I agree with this. I try to practice thinking outside the box and finding ideas like putting water in cup cake tins and giving her measuring spoons. Making play dough from scratch, having her own drawers and cabinets in the kitchen with Tupperware and spoons/spatulas

  7. Nothing like a thick slice of warm homemade bread with peanut butter.

  8. Put some kind of protein-rich food in a spot where it'll be easy for you to grab it. Then wait for it to take the bait...

  9. I'm growing two nepenthes species, a flytrap, and a sarracenia. The sarracenia and flytrap will have to be removed eventually to give them dormancy periods. I'm attempting to grow some moss I was gifted by my biology professor. I also seeded the tank with springtails and I have orange pill bugs living under that piece of wood. I have an infestation of fungus gnats that I'm working on.

  10. You might need a separate housing for thepill bugs to breed in!

  11. To be fair though, if you’re killing them so often, you’re probably not the type of person that would pick up on, or even care that crows don’t like you. I mean, am I wrong ? You already hate them for the sake of your crops, you probably couldn’t care less about their interesting behaviors.

  12. I’m also thinking if the crows see one person killing so many of their kind they aren’t gonna want to draw attention to themselves as targets and might stay far away

  13. Nature saved me during my abusive childhood. Even with the abuse, I look back and still love how I grew up. The lakes and the forests were adventures on my own and with my cousins.

  14. This is me too. I spent a lot of time in nature as a kid and had a pretty bad time getting bullied by other kids.

  15. You are right thank you. This is an electric problem and therefore I cannot do it myself. Nothing is worth the risk.

  16. Thanks. I feel like a fool posting this now but I’ll leave it up. Stealing from another unit in the building just cause the door is unlocked is stupid. Electricity is not something to mess with without absolutely knowing what you are doing. I just fucked up and wanted an easy fix but this is more serious.

  17. This makes me think back to the last time i visited Chicago. Had left a dispensary and was high as a kite sucking on a pen walking down the street, this woman starts yelling at me really loud. Like directly at me. I got spooked and tried to avoid her, turns out she just needed help getting her card out of the parking meter cause her nails were too long to grab it.

  18. When I meet people on the street that be like that I tell them, “it’s a beautiful day!”

  19. It’s definitely not sediment or cork. If you shake it up a little bit, it all breaks apart, and will reform into larger clouds a couple hours later. Unfortunately, it’s too old of a bottle to get a refund on it so we just dumped it.

  20. Shoot, that’s like dumping a bottle of wine just cause it has sediment. Sorry mate.

  21. I am a grown ass woman with 3 kids, a career, and a home. Last night I came down with a fever and went to bed early. I literally laid in bed with my childhood security blanket crying about how much I wished my dead cat (who was my soul cat) was with me bc she was just the most comfort when I was ill or unwell or just sad. Cats are the absolute best. I have another one now but she's just not my soul cat and DGAF about my feelings lol

  22. Second time I’ve come across a redditor mention their soul kitty. I miss my soul kitty so much. We have two kitties now that love each other very much and I’m so glad they comfort each other but it is not the same for me. RIP Sugar Booger.

  23. My cat was my soul cat. His name was Caspar Percival Worthington. He’d trained himself to be an emotional support baby, getting onto my chest and purring if I was having a mood downshift. (Bipolar, depression, anxiety).

  24. Yo I checked out your profile and you seem super cool. I’m an artist too I guess I don’t post much. But send me a message if you wanna keep in touch! We could follow each other’s instagram at least or something.

  25. Don't boil skulls/bones. It damages the bone and locks fat into the bone, resulting in a greasy, brittle mess.

  26. Ah you are probably right, when I make soup stock with bones they do get pretty weird, but what’s a better solution then? Bleach is a no go. H2O2?

  27. That would probably damage the calcium that the bones are made of…

  28. Yeaaahhh without a for sure identification I’d be worried about it’s maximum growth and aggressiveness!

  29. So it sounds like we have to take the backroads before the backroad there to avoid that.

  30. Yeah just take county roads then right? Or even gravel, or heck there for sure won’t be any checkpoints on minimum maintenance roads right?

  31. My Siamese used to go hoarse when we went away on vacation we assumed from meowing all weekend. That is until the one weekend I stayed home she didn't say a peep but when the parents got home she went all raspy it was hilarious.

  32. He was at that except when she was "hunting" flies cause she'd catch one get in her mouth and then open her mouth too far and was confused why there was nothing there still lol.

  33. Dang I wish my cats were fast enough for flies. August was rough this year I was killing half a dozen a day and kept thinking I got the last one. Then a friend would stop by and hold the door open a little too long!!

  34. I know she said in the update about how great her brother and dad are, but to me they sound like jerks. I can’t fathom why she isn’t allowed to also carry on their family name? Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

  35. My daughter is carrying on my dads family name and my only brother actually decided not to have kids so I think my dad is probably a little bit happy about it. He definitely loves the heck out of his granddaughter. Though he probably believes she won’t carry it on to the next generation but who knows what will happen.

  36. NO because then we will have to represent them and they will have stronger ability to let their garbage infect our government. Taxation=Representation and things will get much worse when we are no longer paying them to fuck off essentially

  37. They already have representation! Look at our politicians! They need to pay taxes!!!

  38. Come here! I have extra canabutter and infused coconut oil.

  39. Oh I am on my way! Double bonus for making a new friend!

  40. I'll start a nice fire even. There is a nice recliner to melt into next to the wood stove

  41. You seem like a super cool person! I might not leave

  42. Honestly I never go out, especially on holidays because like I said I work holidays. I have small kids if I eat out it’s only delivery

  43. Well I disagree in general. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Food family humility and gratitude. Also people tend to fly to get together for it. You don’t see family from across the country on a weekly basis.

  44. Shameless was uncomfortable and I couldn’t get into it but breaking bad was badass. I guess it has the ethical moral dilemma of him trying to help his family. He tries and fails to do the right thing

  45. I just cannot bring my self to do it. Also i feel like the fish is recovering. He is becoming more active now. I just hope he fully recovers.

  46. Has anyone recommended slime coat? I feel like that would help?

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