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  1. YES! Was one of my favorites while in college and I'm so happy to see Beau in Good Trouble now! :)

  2. the mods suck and don’t care about good trouble, hope that answers your question

  3. Oh no, that is sad to hear. I don't know much about S5 but I thought Callie was in it again (at least some)?

  4. Yeah no mods, i make like half of the discussion threads if i remember

  5. Thank you so much!! Aww lovely 💛💙 Would you like to make that come true with my art?

  6. They're sooo cute! I can do that if you'd like. I work with art commissions 😊 Can I message you? So we can talk more about it

  7. Sure, I'm willing to find out how much it would cost--planning a trip so I'll have to see depending. Thanks!

  8. Woohoo! I picked Ink Blood Sister Scribe, The Spectacular, and Warrior Girl Unearthed. All three are actually very up my alley for once! I already preordered The Wishing Game or else I'd have gotten it. :)

  9. Yum! I just made this but I added egg noodles and some other veggies to make it a bit more hearty. SO good!

  10. Yep! And there was another one where Mary said there isn't beef with her and Chrishell and they side hugged.

  11. Not sure if The Meg has been mentioned? Sequel coming out this summer!

  12. I found the tech/engineer person in the group! Nice job though, way better than I could ever have done! :)

  13. Here I am moseying through Year 3 but this is great to hear! I do love this game I just need to play it more consistently. :) Hogwarts Legacy has sucked up my time.

  14. I love aesthetically pleasing locations--if they have unicorns, horses, magical creatures and folk all the better! Though I don't mind sci fi once in a while or dystopian. I LOVE me a mystery though in any setting!

  15. I have trouble with all control schemes between games--not even just between my switch and ps5 but say between Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok XD

  16. I actually was let down by this one i found it kinda bland.

  17. Sorry you didn't like this one! Hopefully next meal will be a hit!

  18. This is one of my new Favourite recipes now! All the guardian of the galaxy dishes have been so good!

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