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  1. School Start: 7:30AM/8:00AM Break: 9:15AM Lunch: 12:00 Noon Afternoon Class Starts: 1:00PM School Ends: 4:00PM/4:30PM for elementary & 5:00PM for High School

  2. Philippines but if you go to Bangsamoro region in Mindanao which is majority of population is muslims then you can either be ostracized rather than be imprisoned or killed but there is still a high chance you receive death threats or unprovoked attacks. I suggest you move in a christian majority territory.

  3. Depends on how will China maneuver his foreign policy. If China uses his stronger power to threaten then countries might unite and forge an alliance on how to protect themselves.

  4. I din't tell my nmom that I was going NC with her. I cut the cord and block her immediately when she tried to send a message telling me that she no longer wants anything to do with me. When I left the house and go NC after that, a domino effect just occured in the narcissist household within a few months in which nmom and her mom had a meltdown which forces nmom to leave the house as well and hasn't talk to her mother since 2021 and within another few months, mom's brother just got kicked out from the house by her mom as well that forced him to rent an apartment.

  5. I think Iran? Iran is the only country which is more Shia as most Islamic world is Sunni. Both religious sec are competing for dominance in the Arab world.

  6. I think it has to do with religious laws. Malaysia has a dual judicial system. Sharia plays a role in the daily live of Malay Muslims and Islam has a role in the Malaysian constitution in which Malays must be muslim while in Indonesia you're free to choose your religion.

  7. She probably wasn’t trained to do it. McDonald’s is hit or miss when it comes to good management and training, some do great, some don’t. The McDonalds I worked at as a teen didn’t train at all but the McDonalds I last worked at had amazing training.

  8. You can already determine if a person is lying on how he/she talks including the accent and writes.

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