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  1. If that is the case I think it’s more likely he paid the mods for preferential treatment

  2. Mods don't do this job for money, they do it for power so they can ban and remove shit whenever they feel like.

  3. I mean to most of us who are familiar with the outside, is that really worthwhile payment?? Moderating Internet forums for free just so I can remove posts sounds sad as fuck

  4. Don't like a guy cause of some personal shit, I'll just ban him or make some excuse. Don't like a topic being shown on this sub? Just delete it and make sure nobody can re-post it.

  5. He is a deceptively athletic gym rat who brings his lunch pail and hard hat to work every day.

  6. I am pretty sure more people think higher of the Orioles this year than the Red Sox

  7. I’m surprised he ever worked again after Detroit. What a piece of shit person.

  8. Yea, having connections is the game and Belichick obviously always liked him.

  9. A player making improvements throughout his career isn't that wild to me.

  10. Yet hockey continues to go unscathed.

  11. Nothing better than calling the most diverse sport racist

  12. Because if we are being honest there are many idiots out there that only consider black diverse.

  13. 85 yards my absolute ass. Everyone’s always Uncle Rico when it comes to arm strength and refuses to not exaggerate. Did he go bench 500 lbs raw afterwards?

  14. For DBs it doesn't happen but examples are guys like Kyle Van Noy and Jamie Collins. All pro is still an exaggeration

  15. Did you forget about Patrick Chung? He was respectable the first time around, trash in Philly I think, then became a stud at safety in trip two in NE.

  16. That's a good example. Chung always did a good job covering Kelce too.

  17. I stand by that the 3 Correas should have been the MLB the show cover over Jazz Chisholm

  18. It's actually analytics that made the game more 3 point based, because everyone knows mid-range shots are inefficient.

  19. Give it a few years and the Texas Rangers will be up there due to their shit ownership.

  20. Keep it calm there pal, stros aren’t and haven’t let loose on their grip on the division.

  21. I don't recall saying they would win the division but lol @ Eagles/Astros fan combo.

  22. Eh, Warner played pretty well too.

  23. I assumed 2009. It had the far more chaotic ending. Rodgers played good, not great, in 2015. Palmer still played better than him.

  24. 2015 Rodgers threw like 3 sick hail marys with his best WR being injured in the 1st quarter

  25. Didn't he kill a bunch of pitbulls? He's probably accidentally a hero.

  26. He got hurt. And he was probably still the best NL rookie that wasn't on the Braves.

  27. Bruh, how far have you fallen that someone like the A's or Nats won't even take a flyer on you as a platoon infielder...

  28. He shouldn't be a platoon is his problem. He should be a full-time player otherwise you'll get his Brewers production.

  29. Agreed. Awful job by whoever his agent is to advise him to go back to the same org which failed to develop him.

  30. I read that because it was his first outright he can't elect free agency. I wouldn't pin it on agent but it sucks for him nobody was willing to take a flier on him.

  31. Lol they’re losing viewership because no one wants to hear them shit on Trump all day anymore

  32. CNN wrote an article saying you can't use gifs with black people unless you are black. I think it has more to do with their takes being laughably bad.

  33. The whole narrative is ridiculous anyways. They're claiming collusion as if a team is supposed to want a quarterback that has missed 10 games In the last two seasons while also going 1-3 in the playoffs. Living off of his mvp season years ago. Nobody is colluding anything. They just don't want him and that's also perfectly okay.

  34. There was once a narrative that AB was a secret genius that got himself cut from the Raiders on purpose. Along with a narrative that the Houston Texans set up Deshaun Watson with fake rape charges.

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