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  1. Woah. You need to stop. Right now. Full stop. Where is this idea that Drake is not nice coming from? I know the man and if he isn't nice, then the words to describe him don't exist. In which case why are we talking about things that aren't real? Don't you think if Drake weren't a nice guy, we would have gotten some indication from his role as Jimmy? I've watched Degrassi religiously since I was in preschool and Jimmy never once gave off negative energy. But you can go ahead and keep attempting to sound like you have any clue what's going on. Because it's clear to all of us that are out of your element. You really need mental help attacking Drizzy like this. For all of our sake please get the help you need. I know if feels like no one likes you and that is true but we still don't want you to be out here insulting 6God. Grow up.

  2. I’m a huge Drake fan but zip up his pants when ur done bro

  3. APES: 5 APUSH: 4/5 but leaning towards 5 AP CALC BC: 5 AP LANG: 4/5 AP PHYSICS: Literally no clue 💀💀💀

  4. Thank you so much! Yes, Kaiser gave full tuition + living stipend. Michigan also gave full tuition!

  5. I forgot the basic layout of a LEQ mid writing. Lmk if this is fine:

  6. I remember listening to DLDT on my birthday the night it dropped! I was quarantining and got a few drinks in me truss it sounded a whole lot better lol

  7. Uworld is OverPowered. Literally recommended it to friends for AP Eng Language.

  8. It might be that repeated integration by parts would work. In the first step, one function might be x^2 and the other e^(-x^2/2). You might also check out

  9. Wouldn’t you have to do the improper integral stuff tho? Since upper bound is infinity

  10. Me or the girl? I am guessing the girl, i still don't rly know what rizz means

  11. It’s short for “charisma”. Basically if someone says u have “w rizz” or something of that sort they r saying u have like good “game” when talking to someone of the opposite gender

  12. Damn ur insane that’s rlly good. I am also considering self studying bio now too thanks for the advice!

  13. Cause I like how she was based off of Beifong from avatar the last airbender

  14. first of all you can’t, second of all calc bc literally covers everything in calc ab there’s even a calc ab subscore for it

  15. Yes u can I’m doing it rn. If ur school does 4 classes per semester u can take AB first semester and BC second semester and u only have to take the BC AP exam

  16. I think he’s talking about incredible. I’m not entirely sure tho

  17. Our school started the 29th and our unit 2 derivatives test for AB is this friday

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