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Today, we say goodbye to Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket as the very last episode of the mainline Pokémon Anime has aired in Japan. Thanks for the memories, Ash!

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Innocent laughter

  1. Check out Mike Tyson tickling him like a child it’s so weird

  2. If I was Mike Tyson, I don't know if I could be sober for a few minutes. That guy has had the wildest life, just a string of ups and downs that would give anyone PTSD.

  3. Oh I don't blame him. You get brain damage just practicing for a pro boxing career.

  4. That's not very typical, I'd like to make that point.

  5. Especially when you see where they stopped cleaning off the fins after that one "fell off". There are 2 more that are caked.

  6. Didn't Hall come up with that walk to go down the narrower aisles to not allow the fans to touch him?

  7. I feel like he did this with the Razor/Shawn ladder match. Like he walked under the ladder when Shawn didn't because it's bad luck and Razor didn't give a fuck, just being cool.

  8. TLDR: Guy is into martial arts and calls himself an indian, besides being confrontational to folks down the woods; hence, the Ninja Injun nickname. No offense intended, it's just a descriptive nickname and better than asshole.

  9. No, just call him a mentally ill asshole. No need for racism, you can do it...can't you?

  10. Good old Boomer would either be a Native American who knows martial arts or an Indian (Asian) who does...

  11. You coulda not said this. Just kidding, I don’t care, anyways, your comment put something together for me…both of their finisher names are things relating to Dabbing (THC concentrates, you need a “Rig” to smoke them, Shatter is a completely acceptable but lowest tier form of aforementioned THC concentrates) and one time I saw somebody up here be like “yeah I saw FTR hair in my local dispensary, didn’t want to bother him tho” and I’m just…I’m starting to think a lot of these guys and gals don’t just smoke bud, they dab, too.

  12. You’re a real head. I like to think the pax pod budget is up there with the Shoe budget. They’ve got those pods down to a goddamn science. And yeah, it’s FTR bald and FTR hair. Not a disrespect thing, more an “It’s become part of the lexicon” thing

  13. Not at all, that was a big issue with them in NXT the only way you could tell them apart was by looks, no personality. Then the guy shows some and everyone is telling him to pump the breaks...

  14. For daring to question a customer in any way

  15. Can't prevent a sale, even if it could mean you keep them alive for more sales in the future.

  16. I think the controversy really started getting worse after Quentin Tarantino said the Bruce Lee was really that arrogant guy that thought he could beat Ali, when the real Bruce Lee said Ali would kill him if they fought. While the scene could be taken as fiction, some people definitely took that as truth.

  17. Don't forget he publicly said he liked Lee's daughter and she told him to pound sand...wonder if that's part of it too.

  18. Oh yeah, Tarantino may be a technically talented director in general, but he's still a whiny little insecure dude. Whenever people complain about him I'm immediately reminded of that embarrassing video of him and Fiona Applegate lmao

  19. Yeah, and I was a big fan of both, which made me almost gringe my self to death.

  20. It wasn't because he was a tortured soul, or had demons. His brain was riddled with Lewy Body disease, and was betraying him every second of the day. His wife wrote a

  21. Jonathan Majors was in two major blockbusters in the first couple months of this year. He was a presenter at the Oscars a few weeks ago and has been memed to death.

  22. On the other hand, White has prob 10x the $$ and influence Majors has. He owns the goddamn UFC. He's done a pretty solid job controlling the media as far as his sport goes. I'd imagine it's the same for his self and image.

  23. So wait, Solo who is the Usos little brother is billed as Umaga lite but Umagas son is wrestling and his name is Zilla?

  24. With faves beans and a fine Chianti

  25. Propaganda. Fucking loser is romanticizing and over-inflating the German U-boat torpedoing.

  26. Wait till your married with kids at 40. 🫣🥺

  27. If he was in his 40's he'd be up at that hour taking a piss. Don't ask me how I know.

  28. I had read it was Tolkien actually commenting on Tobacco use and how peer pressure spread it.

  29. Not for nothing but Naomi’s career has had its fair share of shitty booking moments. To go off of the top of my head in no real order:

  30. She kind of got boiled down to the girl with the neon entrance and flexibility and the booty attacks.

  31. and it also makes complete sense why Punk had hang ups about the story due to his health. It was a common criticism at the time, that they absolutely rushed through the “broken and beaten” part of the storyline into a triumphant return.

  32. How does this one sound to you? Mox's finishers are that gawdawful Bulldog Choke and the Paradigm Shift suck for your shoulders/upper body.

  33. I'm a military brat from Forrest Lake, no my parent isn't in boot they're special ops!

  34. It's tasted like if you got sunny d, soda water, and vodka mixed. Then you wait like a hour for it to water down the liquor.

  35. Why so weak? I've accidentally gotten double digit beers, but Vodka they just make 80% water?

  36. Fuck that, he was in a movie called Bedtime for Bonzo, about a fucking monkey.

  37. Yes, can’t wait for the episode where ash gets his girlfriend pregnant because it turns out you can’t use ditto as a condom and then he spends the rest of the half hour episode fretting about how they will ever be able to afford a baby on an adjunct Pokémon professor salary.

  38. I once fantasy-booked a heel Cena run when I was playing TEW, the booking simulator game. Time to do it was 2013 - Cena gets so desperate after a "terrible" year, fearing that his time is up and he's not what he was, that he makes a deal with the devil and allies with Brock, Heyman and the Authority, and they run roughshod over the WWE, with an increasingly paranoid Cena holding on to his title by any means necessary. But he gets increasingly regretful about what he's done over the course of the year and eventually loses the title. He has a crisis of confidence, gets a few good talking-to's from people (Undertaker?), and by the next Mania he eventually rediscovers himself and helps Daniel Bryan overcome the odds.

  39. Fuck that sub. It became a place of nothing but fake one upsmanship then the mods when power mad once it got big enough. Rumor has it the mods started their own podcast on it. It's just then reading the sub...

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