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  1. Diagnosed my APIM as being a-okay yet my CarPlay still won’t work and it won’t save my phone to Bluetooth no matter how many resets I do. Dunno how useful that technically is tho :)

  2. My CarPlay only works when I connect to the trucks wifi

  3. Can’t quite tell from the pic but I think you have a newer gen than me, mine is supposed to be wired CarPlay only (2018)

  4. Jeez it took me way too long to figure out what part of the body that was

  5. He had his chance and he did not make anything great again

  6. Jeez did they rebuild the city after an atomic bomb or something? How do you just remove so much beautiful architecture

  7. They actually have holes in the exhaust for drainage

  8. Hey how did you end up with this? My truck is having the same issue.

  9. I don’t know how it happened, but I just noticed a coolant puddle under the truck one day. It’s a known issue with powerboost models

  10. What was the result of everything? How long did it take etc

  11. It’s so people don’t use the camera as a rear view mirror

  12. Thought it was gonna be like a crepe, but he wrapped it up, now it’s a blob of colors

  13. It just counts the number of cars that drive past it?

  14. Whether you’re a liberal, republican, conservative, democrat, trump supporter, etc. we can all agree this woman is mentally unstable

  15. I’d wake up cheerful too if that face greeted me every morning in the mirror

  16. American politics are in no way interesting.

  17. Thanks for the response! When I take the outer trim piece off it opens and closes as it should 😐

  18. Yea, the track definitely isn’t sitting properly. Definitely do a thorough inspection on the alignments

  19. Thank you! As soon as I get a chance to break away from work I'll run outside and try pulling stuff apart again and realigning!

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