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  1. “I'd be on you like the speed of light squared on matter to make energy.” Penny says it to Raj in S04E24 “The Roommate Transmogrification”

  2. I swear! Very cringe. I never liked the whole Joey and Rachel angle. Kinda spoiled the last two seasons for me!

  3. I mean it was totally unnecessary.It was like writers were out of ideas nd did whatever that came into their mind.

  4. I hate her more than I hate Arturo. Each nd every cell in my body wants her to be dead.

  5. I am so sick and tired of Angelina's shit, can she please just die already

  6. What's the album about? Heard it's good, might listen to it.

  7. It's a concept album chronicling a "journey through terrors and sweet dreams" and "13 sleepless nights" of her life

  8. In some cases, some women stay slim through the whole thing, hence why they never know. Some continue to have periods too. One woman had this happen to her in 2015. She went through the entire 9 months with a flat stomach, regular periods, and never knew at all until she gave birth. Really sounds scary when you think about it.

  9. I agree about flat stomach but regular periods during pregnancy??it's cap.

  10. It happens over time (for example 20 pounds over the course of a few months isn’t that unusual) and some people don’t gain that much weight. I only gained about 10-15 pounds.

  11. Ikr, how irresponsible people are these days.i can't believe that she was 7 month pregnant nd had no idea about that.


  13. Did you just watch that? I was just watching that episode on Nick at Nite.

  14. I jz finished rewatchin the last episode.mahn, this series is never gonna get old

  15. Like grandma like grand-daughter. It runs in the family🤣

  16. Ikr, how's this info beneficial for anybody in anyway.why does she keep doin this

  17. It's okay to feel that way.keepin a child in you alive is a good thing.take your time nd explore everythin in a child's perspective cuz honestly sayin adulthood is not that much fun, no offense.

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