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  1. Atleast it didn't run over half your squad and get stuck on some rock to get destroyed by an RPG.

  2. The ones in RHS are usable I'm pretty sure

  3. IIT se toilet engineering karke Public 'IIT' Toilets koldunga

  4. They come with a special buttfucking button feature

  5. Rosen Garden Saga doesn’t deserve to be as good as it is. I swear the manga market is so oversaturated with shit fantasy and Isekai’s that any fantasy with actually fun characters and good worldbuilding feels like the best shit you’ve ever read. Even if it’s about a girl that was possessed by a ghost in a sword that gave her a dick and the sword genderswaps men so she can rape them.

  6. You government agents will never convince me that Jharkhand is real

  7. If you are over the age of 25 and have a computer

  8. Yup, there is a T-55 tank behind him, they are mostly out of service now.

  9. It looks more like a T-72 Ajeya to me. The T-55s are much taller because of their dome shaped turret. Most T-55s also probably didn't have smoke launchers fitted near the main gun as seen in this picture.

  10. I too test my chemicals on the PWD ST girl in my basement

  11. They should remodel some russian kits to have the penis helmet cuz they still using them in 2022

  12. "It reminds me of a carnivorous plant." ✍️ 🔥

  13. give song now or i will cut off your access to motu patlu hot gay sex domination porn


  15. Good, your Motu Patlu porn collection has been spared

  16. A couple of years ago, in a basement not very far away

  17. A long time ago, my father ran off to a place far far away

  18. If i were a girl id strap a grenade or explosive. Id take wouldbe abusers with me to the grave

  19. Nice screenshots, what mod did you get the KC-135 from I haven’t seen that before

  20. Gorbachev also killed 21 Georgians on April 9th, 1989

  21. Why the fuck do they always make the USA look so badass

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