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  1. Thanks OP! I'd probably put the money towards either GOW Ragnarok or Hogwarts Legacy

  2. Go back to 84Kg, where I was before Covid hit. Started the year at 96, currently at 89.

  3. Just ended a 3 yr long relationship earlier this year in which I got cheated on, haven't gotten back into the game yet

  4. Cheaters suck! It's like your whole relationship has been a lie. What was even the point, what a waste of time and money. How did I misjudge your character so badly. Etc

  5. Absolutely! It makes you second guess every conversation you've ever had with that person.

  6. But extra important. Blood is meaningless, make your own family

  7. Aliens. If we won the greatest lottery draw of all time and creation, I believe that in the universes infinite domain there exists another planet or even a few who won similiar to us.

  8. If she's always on her phone, and unable to just live in the moment

  9. If we live inside a computer simulation, the moment we discover that coincidentally also becomes the moment that AI becomes self-aware

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