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  1. now we just need Masataka Yoshida to rob a homer over the monster for the trifecta (as a defensive replacement)


  3. Unfortunately no exact date in june was provided

  4. As already mentioned, it is has been on sale in Asia for a while now. They are now taking preorders in Europe ...

  5. they said june in their Press release last week. Though no exact date.

  6. Wasn't it supposed to be a retractable roof or a dome?


  8. The suspect accused of stabbing a Metro bus driver near Woodland Hills has been arrested.

  9. Castellanos going to hit a homer tomorrow isnt he?

  10. Text for those that use a screen reader

  11. Text for those with a screen reader

  12. I too demand my bank deposit billions of dollars into my account ASAP!


  14. Devers is paying Xander back, after he “forgot” his wallet and made Devers pay for dinner

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