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  1. Yea this is super shitty, I was actually about to post this on Asmongold's reddit but it says it is private for some reason.

  2. Asmon's subreddit is supporting the subreddit blackout due to reddit's stupid API changes.

  3. CVN. Had a small birthing with less than 15 dudes. I had a bottom rack, and half of it was covered by a locker. It was my little cave and I loved it. Did my entire 5 year tour in that rack.

  4. Yup. Almost exact same scenario for me. I was the most junior guy in my division and was always worried someone was gonna yoink my spot but apparently everyone hated bottom racks

  5. Can't believe we cant have Ice Poseidon on LSF but we can have a dude who hid sexual allegations, lets see how many losers downvote this to hide it

  6. Look at your comment and then look at your post history

  7. Yes and after that stream Navious did a sticky note stream on an Elevated episode which I believe got him eliminated (he’s in the finale because chat gave him a redemption)

  8. Seems like he wants to stream on main but more chill like he is on alt. He said he is going to try to stream everyday but just doing whatever he wants.

  9. Norway snipers have all been super nice and cool :)

  10. Hey man your PayPal payment didn’t go through?

  11. Actually terrifying. It's clever but I would be rushing to leave immediately.

  12. They are in a semi-secluded area but did pass by another person earlier in the stream. Funny but scary.

  13. Cinna,Wake,Will Neff and Erobb when he gets outta that deal he signed with TSM I think he panicked when all the drama happened and signed elsewhere too quickly

  14. Starforge PCs come with 2 year parts and labor warranty fyi

  15. marisnot12 the newest streamer invented in the Mizkif laboratory

  16. OP is one of her simps, has donated over 20k bits to her this month alone.

  17. How dare you insinuate I've only donated 20k bits to her it's much higher

  18. I support the Writer's Strike but it's also nice to see one my favorite shows wasn't effected. Decent episode!

  19. can someone hire this guy so we can see him in film already

  20. Thanks for the comment! I am already paid by OTK for my posts.

  21. You’ll get paid next week. The VA pays you for the month prior. IF ( and I don’t think it’s likely) shit goes bad with the default the first payment effected will be July 1st

  22. ah the Gold Digging gf is back lmao

  23. Russel is an 800 viewer andy who streams part time in order to pay his 1k Mizkif rent and doordash fees.

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