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  1. Teddy Roosevelt, it's so underrated yet some of the best wildlife encounters I've witnessed!

  2. What wildlife did you see? I think I might have seen some mountain goats.

  3. Yosemite and Tetons. Sleepers-canyonlands, Olympic, and cascades, Virgin Islands. Dry tortillas an amazing day trip!!

  4. What test did you do to find her floppy ear gene!!! So cuteeee

  5. I had a feeling she was a chocolate phantom when she was a pup. Ours had the same color change but has a gray.

  6. Thank you! I find the crystalized Swerve to leave that cooling aftertaste so I only buy the powdered anymore. I’m totally buying a whipped cream canister now.

  7. Have you tried to powder it yourself? That’s what I usually do with Lakanto or Whole Earth since the powdered version is usually more expensive / hard to find (not at costco lol).

  8. Thats not as bad as i was expecting tbh. I assume you used your new card quite often in that 3 months to get it back up?

  9. No, I didn’t notice until about a month later. I didn’t do anything and my score just went up by itself.

  10. I lost 80lbs eating Mission low carb tortillas, never had any issues with them because I made them fit my calorie deficit. 👍🏻

  11. If the famous person doesn’t already have an autobiography, then it wouldn’t work right?

  12. Thanks Chris! I actually went by Walmart today and picked up one of the Better Homes & Gardens containers! Wish I'd seen your video before though, as I got a slightly smaller one than what you showed.

  13. I think it’s better to keep them in the Mylar bag they come in and then put the whole bag in an air tight container.

  14. In super hot weather, protects their paws from burning on asphalt/concrete. In super cold weather, protects their paws from getting cut up on ice and from picking up salt/ice melt that they might lick off later.

  15. To add, also gravel in hot weather. We have a dog park nearby that’s basically all gravel and it can get to over 100°F some days in the summer.

  16. I thought that dress was common. I got it fairly often when I first played. I think it was when I had about 50 or so gems. Now that I wait until 300 gems, I don’t really get it anymore.

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