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  1. I don't understand- isn't this festival in Vegas? Where are you traveling from? What airports are you traveling through that you believe you'd be unsafe in airport chairs by a gate? This just seems like a totally normal young person trip (who doesn't have the money to fly direct - very ok and not unusual) to a large and popular music festival in a safe and famous city / venue. Get some melatonin, ear plugs and a sleep mask. Try to sleep on the plane. You're young. You can do this. Be safe, don't get drunk or high if you're alone, don't go off with strangers, keep your wits about you and have a good time. No need to make a whole dramatic thing out of it.

  2. I used to own a bridal shop. One MOG wore an off-white, flowy lace dress to her son's wedding and a TIARA. After asking and being told about ten times by our staff, that it was inappropriate. She was also very pushy about various details of the wedding. I've often wondered how the bride coped with her over the years.

  3. I was reading like ok when's that I did everything for you coming in, and bam! It's always the same script, different actors.

  4. Here’s what some guys haven’t learned. We say no, we create a physical blockade. We may do this while smiling or even letting out an awkward laugh, which we do to deescalate their aggressiveness. But guys like this focus entirely on that awkward smile and laugh while ignoring words and gestures. This crap annoyed me when I was their age and it’s appalling that some parents still don’t teach their boys how to be respectful or even bother having a conversation about consent. The fact that he thought he could touch her and pull her tells me he’s closer to those frat brats chanter obscene rape slogans than he is to becoming a real man.

  5. Agree. And he is interpreting her hands on his chest as physical contact and not her trying to fucking push him away. So cringe. I'm a married woman in my 40's and someone who wanted to get around me at an event used both hands on my waist to "move" me over. It all happened so fast, I was like WTF!

  6. Just want to chime in here that "blue balling" a man isn't a thing. It's an old sexist term that made the responsibility of a man getting sexual release on a woman. Its not. They can always masterbate.

  7. This is hilarious. We're typically pretty "free use" with each other as a mutually agreed upon thing, for one, and after nearly 4 years of hardly ever rejecting one another he's allowed to be a little disappointed to have it happen seemingly out of nowhere. I don't believe in the whole pain thing behind blue-balling, but for both sides it can be confusing and a little disappointing to have things go from 100 to 0 over seemingly nothing.

  8. You're totally right. It was more of a general tip from a middle aged woman, for the younger ladies of the world - hoping to undo some of the sexism of years past! Lol

  9. Yes! The way the makeup people explained the transitions as the Cordyceps moves from stage to stage in the human body, was particularly cool. The detail!

  10. Take it from someone married for 20 years. Sex definitely matters - especially being on the same wavelength, sexually. If you're not there at these beginning stages of your relationship, it's only going to get harder (well 👀). Don't commit yourself to a lifetime of frustration.

  11. I don’t want to argue with you, but it doesn’t sound to me like you lost your cool at all. Exercised your strength, sure. But telling someone, “I don’t want to talk about this, I am saying good bye now” is actually the sane, calm and strong thing to do. Well done!

  12. Agreed, OP! You totally have her number and handled that like a pro, don't sell yourself short. 🏆

  13. OMG I wish I could unread this. Why do I follow this sub, I CANT.

  14. This woman is tormenting you like you're her teenage child. Yikes!

  15. OP, I think you should attack this head on by letting them know via whatever medium that "if anyone attempts to get engaged at, or otherwise upstage our wedding, we have asked security to remove them from the premises, immediately." And be ready to follow through. Let them know you're not f'ing around.

  16. My husband told my MIL I wasn't changing my last name. He told her why, and that he didn't care. My MIL then proceeded to ship me a large box (200) monogrammed stationary with Mr. and Mrs. (husband's last name) stamped on the front. I made it a point to send her a thank you card (not from the stationary) and signed it Mrs. (My last name). Then I threw the stationary out.

  17. That disingenuous line about you at 2/8/11/13 years old.

  18. Holy shit, this woman really rewrote the truth of your entire lives in two voicemails, didn't she?

  19. Call her out. "Gee MIL, I'm not sure why you're so obsessed with my tits but it's weird. Perhaps you should talk with someone about your boob issues. As long as it's not me."

  20. If I were you, I'd let her set up whatever account she wants in her own name and just move forward as though she might never make good or give the money.

  21. Sweetheart, take a deep breath in.....and as you breathe out, release CG. The fact is that YOU will be the most beautiful bride on your wedding day, and no one can take that from you.

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