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How to refute the Game Stop "CULT" comments

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  1. Long story short, went into PetSmart to buy dog food, walked out rescuing what they’re claiming is an Heterometrus Spinifer, but, when I was looking towards the pedipalps, they look strangely like an Emperor Scorpion’s.

  2. Gradually, not overnight. Society needs to move towards a pro liberty position before AnCapistan can happen

  3. It doesn’t matter, because people will say what they say about us. We hold our GME stock, because we believe in this company, regardless of speculation about squeezes or what have you. That’s more then enough to deflect the idea that we’re a cult.

  4. Is that a hygrometer? If so, it’s not needed as humidity can make your Scorpion sick. Other then that, looks great!

  5. Oh yes! I second this! It sucks because... well... museums with anything from Africa are iffy and have blood on their hands somewhere. But that exhibit is beautiful and it's nice to be able to at least feel some part of Egypt here in the US.

  6. The thing is, though, they’re far safer here then they ever would be back in their home countries. Countless artifacts face destruction every day, because the countries that house them are war torn nightmares.

  7. The whole temple that is in the MET was donated by the Egyptian government as a conservation measure during the building of the Aswan Dam (people associated with the MET helped to take it out of the way of the floodwaters when the dam caused the water to rise permanently) otherwise it would be lost under water, the Egyptian government has done this with several other sites in similar scenarios.

  8. Indeed it was, they have a whole wall section devoted to how it was a donation.

  9. For my biological family, had a great uncle who served in the Armored Division on the Western Front, made it all the way into Germany, and onwards to home. I wish I knew more about them, so I wish I had more to share with you guys about him. Not WW2, but my Uncle was in Nam, saw combat against the VC, luckily he’s still here, and is as far as I know, in one piece. I’m thankful the Red bastards never got him, he’s a good man.

  10. Wow, what a beautiful scorpion! Reminds me of the Goddess Serket from Ancient Egypt :)

  11. They will eat anything they can sink their chelicerae into, though there is a slight chance of contamination, I wouldn’t say the chances are super high. Just monitor your T for a few days to make sure they’re still happy, and healthy.

  12. I would give everything I have to be a US citizen. Then I can save up 30 grand and buy a Full-auto AK

  13. You guys totally should, if you feel that way, you deserve to live in freedom. We need as many liberty loving individuals here as we can possibly fit.

  14. It is exceedingly difficult for a Canadian to obtain US citizenship unless they're in a certain profession. If you're a lawyer, nurse, doctor, programmer you can get a green card and become a permanent resident. There's a few other professions that will get you in, otherwise you have to marry an American or be rich

  15. I wish it wasn’t that way, but that’s what happens when half the nation wants a Xenophobe as President

  16. As an ancap, you should accept that theft in the name of war is not justified, regardless of consequences.

  17. So, then what, let Hitler run around and do whatever he wants? What kind of shit is that?

  18. If fighting against the literal incarnation of evil, with little to no risk to the homeland isn't justified, then I'm not sure what's considered a justifiable war anymore.

  19. DeSantis, but as an AnCap who knows if voting really means anything if DeSantis isn't going to push the Federal Government in a pro liberty direction instead of just more Conservative big government.

  20. Respect. What would it take for you to vote LP? I mean, if voting doesn't mean anything 🤷

  21. I’m a registered LP member, actually. I’m just not excited about JoJo either.

  22. Not my birb. but we have 3 that chill at my work in a greenhouse. She's between 13-15 it doesn't seem to bother her, it's not oozing or bleeding but they look like mites or somthing. The green 1 sometimes pecks her but isn't overly aggressive. The only other symptom is that she doesn't really tweet its more of a squeak. I know nothing about birds so any info helps thanks

  23. Please go let someone at work know that they should bring that bird to the vet, it's definitely sick. Also, it's 13-15 years old? That's impressively long for a Budgie.

  24. Pepsi for sure, and I also like the Pepsi brands more then their Coke counterparts, except for Seagrams Ginger Ale & Barq's Root Beer. Schweppes and Mug don't quite do it for me lol.

  25. Thank you for your kind words. I'm far from perfect. I just try.

  26. You don’t have too be perfect to be be a good person with a kind heart, that’s all that really matters in this world at the end of the day.

  27. Wouldn't the world be the world a much better place, if people would just be kinder to each other?

  28. For sure, especially if most folks cared about spiders, and other creatures that aren't "cute & cuddly" like dogs or cats.

  29. So, realistically religion is political, it isn't faith.

  30. So, you see these religion & faith as being separate? Not sure if I'd agree with that, but I think I get where you come from. You don't need to have a dogma, and adhere too it in order to be a person who believes in a higher power, right?

  31. What if people want to band together, and share their love for the giant purple dildo god (lol)? Does that become a religion?

  32. Wow, that's awesome! Dua Djehuty, the Lord of the Sacred Ibis!

  33. That means it's a good stick with some good smoke output, enjoy! :)

  34. She's a beautiful Volcano, had the pleasure of visiting the mountain back in 2019 <3

  35. We've seen what happens when the majority always gets what they want, it's called tyranny.

  36. They should be used as assault rifles, but for larger maps where the lines of engagement are longer. So, Ground War, Invasion, DMZ, Warzone 2, and maybe Taraq 6v6 are where the battle rifles will shine.

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