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  1. Ringside News is banned here for a reason. He deserved the Christmas he had.

  2. I did not realize that, makes sense a lot of sense. I just assumed they were yet another normal rumor mill, not someone with a history. If this needs to be deleted then I totally get it.

  3. You're good. I'll leave it for a bit. Every once and awhile it's nice to remind people what a piece of shit they are.

  4. With a month left to go, I highly highly doubt their priority is fixing Becky. I’ve seen enough 2K cycles to know it’s not changing. I’ll gladly be wrong.

  5. There are improvements and they’ve been mentioned and talked about already if you go have a look at the interviews, things to do with stamina, springboard systems and different states the wrestlers will be in depending on their stamina. These aren’t worthy things to show off in 2 min promo trailer

  6. I’m talking marketable features, not improvements to the stamina system or adding “Powerbomb 13” to the move sets.

  7. I think you’re greatly overestimating what this specific trailer is, it’s the same thing every year. You’re going to know everything new and the same by the games release, this is how their marketing works

  8. The usual marketing routine is a trailer like this, small bits of info, and then people finding out what’s actually missing on release day (wrestler themes, issues with GM Mode running a year, etc)

  9. Nothing too exciting besides War Games. Not a lot of updated models or flashes of new additions.

  10. Somebody please correct me if I’m gettin this story wrong but years ago didn’t Sami get upset that somebody was fired and pointed at another wrestler and say “why is he gone and HE still here?!”

  11. Yes. Bull Dempsey told the story during his Highspots shoot.

  12. Local guy that is friends with Cody, Bayley, and Taker. Not a big deal.

  13. The Usos/Judgement Day rating shouldn’t be the same as Andretti/Starks/JAS, in my opinion. There was a lot more tension and near falls for the one on Raw. But ultimately these ratings are meaningless so meh.

  14. Extended version showing him giving a quick message and the roster on the ramp

  15. I don’t think he’s gonna face Roman for a title at Mania, but maybe him and KO versus the Uso’s. I do think Roman’s final test for Sami is gonna be to win the rumble though.

  16. The final test is Sami attacking Kevin during some point of the title match to the point of whatever Roman has set up will put Kevin out for months. Sami will turn it down.

  17. “I love this style boot because it the texture feels great on my tongue.”

  18. After seeing that MyGM, MyFaction and Universe are back, I feel like it’s going to be that one game in the series that’s the same as the last one, but just focuses on fixing the issues and making it even better, like what 2K19 and 2K16 were.

  19. “That one game in the series that’s the same as the last one”

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