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[Cody Rhodes] Terrible. Children lost. Senseless, tragic, & avoidable. Whether it’s love, blood donations, charitable items, just people helping other people is what we need. Love and CHANGE. If your instinct is to dive into political discourse or defend gun rights…truly maddening and sad.

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  1. I'm now picturing Strike's room looking like big Dave's office, with the floor covered in notes.

  2. What a fucking awful performance from Britt. She's honestly gotten worse over the past year. Tony is forcing her push to the detriment of the entire women's division.

  3. I commented screenshots in this thread. Even requested for AKittyCat to add it to the previous sticky.

  4. Jonah and Nyla have tweets posted here on the same topic. They are still up.

  5. I didn’t see your first post but this one should be good.

  6. He used it once on NXT recently when he did a singles match.

  7. Glorious. Multiple people that were there tweeted about it but there was no videos I could find on Instagram or Twitter.

  8. His point is to stand with your co-workers, which he has shown to NOT do in the past and actively attempted to bury some of them every attempt he got. Look at Brian Pillman Jr even just recently

  9. Again, it’s not about standing with your co-workers in every single facet of life but more so in a sense of the people vs. the machine. I’m not sure how else I can explain it. It’s pretty clear.

  10. he got daffney blacklisted from wwe

  11. Michael Cole always went out of his way to back up Sasha and Naomi when he called their matches. He did not want to say that shit man

  12. People give Cole a lot of shit but he seems like a good guy. Whether he agrees with what they did or not, I still don’t like seeing him have to make the statement he did.

  13. That’s a pretty big deal. I’ve never seen them do this in all my years watching.

  14. At this time it's overwhelmingly in Punk's favor with like 2 people just grumbling?

  15. Reminder that Satin worked for TMZ at the time they released the audio tape of Flair calling 911 when his son was unresponsive.

  16. Shayna always seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

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