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  1. I might just be feeling dastardly enough to reply to this in a week..

  2. I’ll try to take better pics, I just don’t want to waste the money if it’s not, I can’t afford it lol

  3. McNutt’s advice is sound. This doesnt look like a sure 9 to me. If it 8’s its worth the same as raw. Then you’re out the grading. I think a BGS 9 is more likely. I would go that route if I graded.

  4. You make it like mystery packs are the only way to get cards. There are plenty of alternatives. Buy singles. Go to card shows. Go to your lcs. Those all have protections for the buyer. There’s a difference between being cautious and being willfully ignorant. And I’ve never bought a mystery pack. No idea why you’re so caught up on that idea. Sounds like you invested way too much during the peak and are desperate to get your money back through shady means. Desperation does bad stuff to people.

  5. There you go man, keep making up situations, and accusations. Sounds great bro. I love paranoid delusional people. Its hilarious how you keep trying to break me down just because I made a point that its not scamming just to exist. Keep attacking me man, its hilarious. You don’t have a single clue. I have given more things away to this hobby in the last two weeks than you ever have. I spend about $1000 a day giving away cards every single day. I’m no longer defending myself against some hater who can’t understand generosity. Seems like you’re trying to put me in whatever box you and yours fit in. Gambling by nature does have a high failure rate. I feel like this information was readily available before you tried it. If everyone won all the time, who is paying for that? Just curious how you can’t seem to understand that gambling is fun to a lot of people and we do it fully understanding its nature and that winning is a smaller chance than losing. It’s ok man. If you have a gambling problem please call someone.


  7. Great idea. I am good with a drill and feel much more confident with this. Great share, thank you.

  8. There is a tool that opens these perfectly. Every time. And its not meant for that lol. Let me find the damn thing and I’ll get a pic uploaded. I’ve popped prob 100? Slabs with it and never even got remotely close to damaging a card. Its got a real thin flat head to it that you can actually fit into the corner of any slab and then just a little pressure prying with it and the seal just pops, and you work your way around the edges slowly and gently and it just comes right off there.

  9. I'm picturing an eyeglasses or electronics screwdriver but it seems like you would've said "tiny screwdriver" if that's what you meant. I'm interested. Good luck finding it.

  10. Yeah its not a screwdriver. The head has a weird angle and it is some type of hard steel. I am in the process of painting the inside of my office and stuff is everywhere. I’ll find it though.

  11. No no man, thats not him. This is the guy who keeps eating magic mushrooms and fighting a dinosaur for a minecraft barbie. He’s got a brother, who looks a little taller.

  12. And it’s so crazy to me the company that prints the wrong players name on the wrong card, doesn’t mess these stickers up like 50% of the time…or maybe they do

  13. I got one upside down on a Panini one and one Desmond Bane rpa /25

  14. That or a roll of quarters

  15. Yep exactly. How solid that hit sounded. There was no give to his hand.

  16. Sure they do, they are called Prizms.

  17. Thats about as accurate as saying a Ford truck is the same as a Chevy car. In that respect you can technically say they are both shiny cardboard, but you sound like a fool trying to make that point.

  18. Thanks for sharing your point of view, but there is no need to start slinging insults. My frame of reference here is eBay and on eBay the term refractor is commonly used to describe this type of card, regardless of the manufacturer.

  19. There were no insults slung. The statement was meant in the terms of “yes you could do this, but you would sound like a fool trying to make that point.” Again, your reasoning just further speaks to the fact that you are a novice in this hobby and you’re trying to educate people with bad info. You walked yourself into that.

  20. Face of a stripper named Candy. Stomach of an actor named Candy. John Candy.

  21. I kinda get it. If I’m in a fight against 2 people I’m not going to politely wait for them to stand back up and continue to fight me

  22. Yeah this is absolutely correct. When you get jumped all rules of fair play were just broken by them. You end up on the ground with three guys punching and kicking you in the face you can easily be killed even without them attempting deadly force. He 100% did what he needed to do in order to guarantee his safety while still having one guy trying to fight running around.

  23. Reminds me, my son won an Eovaldi signed ball at a silent auction and then tore the MLB authentication hologram sticker off of it because he didn’t like it.

  24. Let him know I’d like to have a sit down, discuss possible merger acquisitions.

  25. Say what you want about scorpions, but some of them are very good parents.

  26. Just because people are bigger dicks, doesn't take away from the fact he is still being a dick . Whether you win 1 million or 1 billion your still a lottery winner. He won the "being a dick" lottery

  27. I have to agree here, and the argument “yeah but there are bigger assholes” is ridiculous man c’mon.

  28. Or sell it to me, I’ll record the rip and post the video and everyone got to live the disappointment for free.

  29. You look like Inspector Gadget if he only inspected other guys' butts.

  30. That’s what bathroom breaks are for at work

  31. Guy has no time to read the title of this post, but can type paragraphs explaining why he can’t read one sentence.

  32. This is what happens if you try to cosplay Domino after Moses parted the afro.

  33. Look I cant pay for your next 6 pack of Truly if you dont link the Onlyfans. How else do you plan on having a Welfare baby.

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