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  1. Most people in game imo are basement dwellers. Dick heads for no reason. And 70% bots don’t forget that part. I got kicked out of my last clan chat because someone asked who is winning this weekend? I said bengals. Then bam the mod kicked me from the chat. I hope that was funny to him in his mommas basement. People on here get offended by every little thing. Like a bunch of beaches. So now I have 2 friends in game and that clan chat can piss off. I don’t need company like that. Anyway

  2. The legendary realization that everyone else is the problem.

  3. A little niche, but if you wanna reset your hp in your house you can make a flame pit to suicide in. You need a throne room with a lever to make it do damage tho.

  4. Careful, you'll upset the other virgins here

  5. But he’s not pointless he’s the diary npc lmao

  6. He's pointless because I didn't see him when I was 12

  7. or just check your spare tire pressure once a year at a gas station that has free air. or have it checked when you get your oil changed.

  8. Or just buy new tires every 3 months so they never get too worn out

  9. that might be excessive, but proper car maintenance includes checking your tire pressures, including the spare.

  10. For sure, but taking backup precautions isn't a bad idea. Could also help another

  11. Make sure you keep your hp above the mage max hit. That shit isn't toooo hard to get complacent with.

  12. ... you are delousial if you think your anecdotal "story" somehow is proof that people dont like to grief clue-steppers. Because they find it funny.

  13. You gotta be a little bitch to call it griefing and cry on reddit about it.

  14. You need to take a break and go touch some grass. You are getting a little too obsessed. And are in desperate need of a reality check. I have a feeling you felt personally attacked when I pointed out toxic grifers who like to mess with clue-steppers and are now being a troll/toxic person. I hope you get the mental health care you so clearly need. Goodbyeeeeeee!

  15. Unironically a good comment for yourself. You feel so hurt over a video game. You're just mad you got called a bitch about it lol

  16. No. I mean you stay at gwd for however long you want. You never have to leave. And one trip costs 1 ecu key (or initial kc). After that you just go bank at nex and return to Sara.

  17. To add if you have a serp and bp you can venom all the Magers in the room

  18. It's funny but there's a lot of sensitive people in this sub. That's why every 2 or 3 cg posts you get a whiny post complaining about them.

  19. Rather than more and more gathering/skipping items being dropped why not just drop literal coins?

  20. Because we can't flood the economy! What are you think?? We need stuff like rune platebodies and mystic staves

  21. >? I was thinking to save for the top level but don't see myself ever returning to this hellhole,

  22. Gem bag is also nice if you mine amethyst or shooting starts (depending on rng) with a glory

  23. I think the only "important" thing to do is go for 29ish farming for more ranarrs. Not really a big deal though.

  24. I mean she isn't doing anything to indicate she thinks she's better than him. She's either not interested or maybe just dumb 🤷

  25. No actually. If she’s not interested then she should just unmatch him. It seems like she likes the validation by responding, or like you said, she could just be dumb.

  26. Maybe she does just like the validation. Still doesn't mean she has some superiority complex.

  27. Bold of you to assume they didn't just buy an acc with wintertodt done

  28. Isn't the point of playing a restricted account to be.... restricted?

  29. No. The point isn't to just go "lol I'm restricted! My restriction is being restricted. Hey everyone I'm restricted by restricting myself to restrictions!"

  30. "by making things more accessible" is the opposite of restriction. If you want things to be accessible, play an account that doesn't have restrictions.

  31. Don’t know if your aware of a thing called the GE and the general idea of selling high volume items to other players.

  32. The ge doesn't make the robes worth over 1k ea lol

  33. Honestly just think about the people who go 3x rate at cg alone

  34. Christmas crackers are a good shout if you did the event and didn't drop em

  35. God bless bro I’ll definitely shoot you an add. This is mainly just a side project while red prison is kicking my ass on the main iron but definitely wanna try and put some effort into it

  36. Woodcutting is very nice for canoes, with chronical being the best tele to one of the stations

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