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  1. What would you tell her BF? About her cheating...would you tell him to leave her?

  2. Obviously. Instead of holding the cheating over her head and using it as an excuse to treat her with the same energy (even worse imo considering he has a decade over her so he knows better and needs to let her leave). I'm in an age gap relationship so that isn't even the issue, the issue is his mental age seems to be in high school. OP is better off leaving, spending time with family and therapy, and I don't excuse cheating at all but sounds like it's a good thing here because it's shown some true colors. Now they can both dodge bullets or they can both get hurt in the process.

  3. You’d be surprised. Some people even straight up ignore the question

  4. I've had people tell me "skip" like I'm an npc so I just put skip down as their name 😭

  5. that drink only has 4 shots though so the closest breakdown would be into 8ths

  6. I think he's trying to do a funny but it came off kinda rude imo. I'd just do 3 decaf 1 reg personally because I hate math lol.

  7. I get both 'EWWW there's flies don't give me that one!!11' and 'You aren't out of it, there's one right there why can't you give me that one???'

  8. I'd be like "Sir that has been there since last night I don't think you want food poisoning."

  9. Except that most teen girls periods are so erratic, they are going to end up traumatizing some strictly religious girl whose never had intercourse by accusing her of being pregnant twice a season.

  10. Seriously. I had a whole year where I didn't have a period in HS because I was underweight and malnourished (eating disorder), but I would've just lied if my HS required this insanity. This is just invasive for no good reason.

  11. I called them and asked if they meant they wanted a dairy alternative and they doubled down with "no, just black."

  12. I am a customer and there’s No way I could ever do your job. It looks so stressful! Having to remember all those drinks and then having to remake them because people grab the wrong cup and complain that’s not what they ordered. My order gets messed up often but I genuinely don’t really care so I don’t make a fuss but some of those other people? Damn! I’d be fired within a day I’m sure for calling someone a moron or worse. You are 100% allowed to complain! Everyone needs to vent about their job.

  13. I appreciate you. The amount of times I genuinely put my heart into a drink just to get told "oh I wanted that iced/hot" when the sticker didn't even say that. It hurts lol. It makes me want to pump the drinks out fast instead of care about the quality and I never thought I'd be that kind of person when I started working.

  14. I don't think a lot of people understand that being critical of your job/company/customers doesn't mean you inherently dislike any of those things. I feel like people try to reduce problems into a binary because it's easier for them to process. However, the reality is a lot of issues we deal with daily are complex topics with a lot of moving parts, that bring us to whatever headache du jour we're dealing with.

  15. I completely agree. People don't understand why their hot drinks came out faster than their venti, extra caramel, extra crunch, 2 pumps of this and that frappuccinos. I hand them a latte and get "I ordered x too?" At least once a day. I don't even have the energy to get mad about it anymore I just recognize they have no idea how Starbucks operates and just look at them with dead tired eyes and tell them "it'll be out in a few minutes" as I go back to my endless stickers.

  16. omg hi :D can i get the pink drink light pink hold the drink thanks so much!

  17. omg hey!! :) I'll have a grande hot chocolate, no mocha, no milk no hot and in a tall cup thanks!!

  18. I’m not talking about those I’m talking about the display case food we don’t serve but heat up every morning and then toss at the end of the day. We donate the stuff about to expire because those are actually still good just not up to which” standard” anymore

  19. Great news. Now I can pay even more for luke warm coffee and watery iced drinks.

  20. The best way I transitioned to expert was using custom songs. Then when my skill level got better I updated my game and I can kick some expert+ song's asses now! :) Definitely worth getting into custom songs to shake things up a bit. Only downside is no multi-player.

  21. I don't think a lot of customers understand that ice is not a filler -- it's an ingredient. We depend on ice melt to dilute drinks to proper consistency and flavor. Light ice you're getting more drink, sure, but the quality of that drink isn't going to be the best because we have to fill that space with something else (usually more milk/base) and it throws off the intended result.

  22. Well put. Less ice is just more milk, unless it's an iced coffee or cold brew. OP I suggest either doing regular ice or when asking for light ice, specify extra milk and no foam.

  23. You can have iron thorns! Here is a code 8979 0000

  24. Well I think loads of people do say it’s exercise lol

  25. You'd think so but I have people telling me it's just a game. 😭 I haven't played in weeks and I feel the difference in my body. I've gained weight and I have less of an appetite bc I'm just burning less calories. I need to get back into the swing of things.

  26. And a pink drink is made with açai base and not strawberry purée… but yah 😄

  27. We used to have a semi regular who would order a trenta black tea but asked us to substitute classic syrup for water. It was easier to literally pour it in the shaker than to try to pump it. I shudder to imagine how many pumps of syrup that would actually be. They said it tasted like southern style sweet tea.

  28. as a barista it makes me so uncomfy when customers use my name to greet me lmao

  29. I like to read their names off their app when they do that to me so I can make them equally uncomfortable

  30. it depends on who’s taking orders tbh. i only just got comfortable enough to ask consistently, literally yesterday. i think it makes things way easier. it’s a lot faster to just collect all the items for “josh” than it is to have to check two different venti white mochas and make sure josh gets the one with his modifications, ect.

  31. LOL that 2nd paragraph, I literally do that everyday at least once 😭 my store does take names in dt

  32. You sound like a pleasure. Maybe the baristas will start smiling again now that you won’t be there anymore.

  33. Its worse with the customers who start rattling off all their customizations before telling me the drink first

  34. And the person on bar has their hand hovering over the cups trying to read the custie's mind LOL

  35. And they look at you like you're the problem for wanting to know.

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