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  1. Same, but there must be something where Mania is treated differently than all other PLE's - that having everyone on 'just because' as a service to their talent. I can imagine how much it would suck to not be included in some way, having put in a lifetime of work to be positioned for it in the least

  2. I’m reminded of how the only two main roster people left off of Mania 30 were Curt Hawkins and JTG.

  3. If they were really anti-WWE, then why would Dave call the Bloodline story one of the greatest storylines in the entire history of pro wrestling?

  4. The Bloodline/Sami stuff is probably the best wrestling storyline in the past decade or so at least, so yes lmao it honestly brought a lot of us back to watching regularly again.

  5. The only other time a pro wrestling angle has captivated me this much in the last decade was the Hangman story from the birth of AEW to Full Gear 21 when he finally beat Kenny for title.

  6. That ending was grade A++ pro wrestling. Absolutely magical.

  7. That just might have been the worst musical performance on a wrestling show ever.

  8. I love that WWE have gone with essentially no set for the non-Mania stadium shows. It makes everything look much bigger, and it has the perfect old school feel to it as well.

  9. Pure nostalgia seeing this. WMX-17 was one of the last major events in the Astrodome, and it was such an amazing atmosphere being there that day. This was one of the last times I remember going to an event and having so many "flash bulbs" go off during major spots. I miss the Dome!

  10. WWE always fudges their attendance numbers to be bigger than they really are, but the size of the Astrodome combined with the amazing production work of the event made it look like there was legit 70,000 people in that audience, even if it realistically was probably 7000-10,000 under that.

  11. And even then - it was their biggest crowd in YEARS. They took a long pause from running dome shows for basically the entire Attitude Era. Other than a Raw at the Georgia Dome - I don't think they ran anything bigger than a basketball arena.

  12. They did do Raw twice from the Skydome in that period; once in 97, which had a big crowd but not a huge one for the building they were in, and once in 99, which had a MUCH bigger crowd and it looked like a damn near sell out for a goddamn Raw is War. They also did one other Raw from the Georgia Dome in 99 as well.

  13. I VPN from Japan, so hooray for me being able to get around this.

  14. It feels like Excalibur got (rightly) legit flustered and that’s why he’s stumbling over his words.

  15. The stage is almost always to the left of Hard Cam in WWE

  16. Not counting the Covid era, the last time the main roster had the ramp to the right of hard cam was in 2011. NXT had the ramp to the right of hard cam for years when they were at Full Sail, only switching to left of hard cam when they moved to the PC during Covid.

  17. No everything superstars , challenge, prime time, ppvs a lot of all american, spotlight, etc all in numerical order and added to plex

  18. We must see the fruits of your labor.

  19. The TNT Title has long had an open challenge aspect to it, and Darby is reintroducing it after it hadn’t been utilized for a while.

  20. THIS. NJPW World has been around for almost a decade, and they still stream in choppy 720p that constantly dips below that. Watching Wrestle Kingdom on it was annoying as fuck because of just how low the resolution was.

  21. Legitimately one of the top ten WWE matches ever, and it rightfully cannot be talked about in that conversation anymore.

  22. I’m instantly reminded of Granny from Bryan & Vinny remarking that this Jon Moxley guy looked a lot like Dean Ambrose, and her being slightly disbelieving of Bryan when he told her they were the same guy.

  23. Wrestling Fans have a notorious history of not staying on a channel to support the following program. Its what's frustrated TV execs for ages, big audience that never sticks around. See the roller derby show on TNN following ECW, almost everything TNT tried with WCW, and a bunch of failures for stuff stuck after RAW.

  24. Ironically enough, the biggest success I can think of for a show that got big following Raw was The Ultimate Fighter.

  25. Actually he was! People went crazy in his 2002 return, but this rivalry with HHH wasn't good at all. This match was straight boring.

  26. He came in as the top babyface for Raw, and the two matches he had with Hunter were so unfathomably bad that he was left off WrestleMania and immediately shunted down into the low midcard for the entire rest of the time he was there.

  27. This match was so awful. But then Hunter's reign of terror was a sock full of turds. The highlights flatter this match so much

  28. The crazy thing is that his two matches with Steiner were pretty much all Scott’s fault.

  29. Another thing is that when you do see his eyes, you can tell he’s still making the appropriate faces under the mask. Kane did the same thing, and it very often showed through on TV, just like with Bandido in this match.

  30. That TLOU show is actually hella good. Can't wait for the next eps

  31. Correct. The first episode was fantastic.

  32. Possibly longer. When I went to Dynamite in Boston last year, the Elevation matches started at 7:00 and Rampage didn’t finish until nearly midnight.

  33. Same night probably. This was back when Raw was taped. So Bischoff would get the rundown of what happened and usually spoil the big stuff.

  34. Correction: They changed the channel to watch Foley win, then, because Raw didn’t do overruns at the time, turned the channel back to Nitro in time to see the Fingerpoke of Doom.

  35. What exactly about this would lead anyone to believe that AEW screwed up here? Kaz wanted out, he asked for it, they gave it to him no questions asked, and everyone’s happy and willing to work together in the future should the opportunity arise.

  36. The biggest one I can recall that actually caught some traction in recent memory is that WWE forced (or at least nudged) Bryan Danielson into retirement so they could push Roman without the fans revolting every chance they got.

  37. Apparently LIV will have to resort to buying time on a network like a goddamn infomercial. Obviously it wouldn’t mean that much to the Saudis since they have literally unlimited money and can probably run something like that in the red forever for the sake of sportswashing and propaganda, and I don’t think WWE’s shareholders would care that much since they’d be making ungodly bank on the sale, especially if it’s around the $8 billion range that they reportedly want.

  38. Hey yo, that whole show slapped.

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