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  1. 75 here. Yes, everyday I remember thing I've said, things I've done, and people I've unintentionally hurt and I cringe with embarrassment every time. I believe almost everyone has these thoughts and I assume it's a punishment for the mistake.

  2. Thanks, it’s just what I could think of off the top of my head. There are many more great albums by these same musicians as well as others,l. However, I tried to come up with a list that was relatively accessible for a newcomer.

  3. Many years ago I purchased "Del and the Boys" and "The Best of The Seldom Scene, Vol. 1". Wow!! I was hooked. Then Oh Brother came out and even my Pop loving cube mate was into Bluegrass.

  4. I vote for British Blockhead. He's a beautiful boi ! And looks as strong as an ox.

  5. You have another subscriber. Happened up on Britain at "Depths of History" several months ago and enjoyed his channel as well as a few other magnet fishers. Interesting hobby. I look forward to catching up on your videos. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. ....and SugarMate calls the phone, which I appreciate, but the wife is not real happy about all the commotion.

  7. My advice is to just prepare yourself, it's going to happen, and don't get mad. Destruction is going to happen. When they finally grow out of the puppy period, you will have the best friend you have ever known.

  8. Yes, we just had the outside corners of our baseboards replaced and repainted.

  9. I know this is an old post, but can I ask why you said you were happy to move from an upright electric to pellets? I'm helping my dad decide on a new smoker, and this is exactly the same switch he is considering. He currently has an upright electric Masterbuilt but it has developed some problems with the controller and he's trying to decide if he should replace it with another electric or switch to pellets.

  10. I had that same problem a couple of times with MasterBuilt and MasterForge.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to answer, that was very helpful.

  12. I had been looking at the Pit Boss Pro Series II 4-Series but quickly realized I would need another grill for steaks and burgers. So bit the bullet and picked up the Pit Boss Pro Series II 850. And I'm very pleased.

  13. This is the Tandem TSlim X2 pump Home Screen. As MechaSteve said, the 3 hours means the screen is displaying the last 3 hours of readings. I usually get really antsy and sometimes hot and sweaty. If it’s real bad, I’ll get bright spots in my vision.

  14. Yes, I've seen the spots a few times. Old girl friend once told me I get "mean" when I'm low. Thank you for the info. I just recently went on a CGM and will eventually go on a pump, but not yet. Thanks again.

  15. I do too. I’ve told people if I ever start acting like the people in the Snickers ads, to throw me a snickers because I probably need it lol

  16. I miss Snickers. We have a bowl full of bite size Snickers and Reese Cups. No Trick or treaters this year. So far I haven't needed one for medicinal purposes. Yet.......

  17. Killer Hogs is my "Go to" for most everything! The AP pre-seasoning is incredible!

  18. I would live to wake up to that BG #. Mine has been out of control and got routine changed and seeing small changes. But that number would be my goal, a normal reading. Not Dawn Syndrome, for us who have experienced dawn syndrome, the BG is much higher than 95.

  19. I believe I posted that because I was proud of myself for actually gaining some control of it.

  20. And we are happy for you, keep up the good work and it is not dawn syndrome. Keep working hard on the control you will get there.

  21. Our local Habitat for Humanity store has them dirt cheap. We've always called them "universal power cords"

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