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  1. I'm not sure if switches time signature to or what, but im still having difficulty getting the groove of that part of the song

  2. Felt the majority of the scale and the cords wrong a lot of those sharps are supposed to be Flats

  3. Both comments are correct but sometimes just like the minor key/scale/aeolian mode can sometimes do is use the dominant V chord to resolve back to i

  4. Stop thinking of modes as being related to a parent major scale. C major is not the same as G mixolydian. They may share notes, but those notes function completely differently.

  5. I'm still so confused unfortunately, it seems everyone applies such a diffrent presentation to the logic of it, which is normal in any kind of information, but I guess my main understand of scales is by breaking it down to steps, if I can just learn the steps of the modes that'd be swell

  6. I understand where you're coming from, as I found modes to be very confusing and elusive too. There are two main things to know when working with modes.

  7. Man your great!!! Thank you so much! I wish I could verbally ask you some things, you got discord by chance?

  8. Just stack thirds. That goes for any scale.

  9. Oh my.... Carpenter I'm such a huge fan, me and my grandma love listening to you. . Please tell me a fun fact about le perv, how did you come up with it??? What was it like making it,

  10. Ikr fuck people that do this shit.

  11. I love trying to recreate BOC songs, but honestly this is one of those tracks that just sounds too intimidating to do. The mix, and especially low end is just insane and it would be hard to do it justice. From my experience though they do a lot of resampling and sound manipulation. Like they’ll purposely record parts in the wrong octave or key, then repitch them a lot via tape to get a much more interesting timbre. The field recording definitely plays a huge toll in this track as well which is layered constantly over the main chords.

  12. Absolutely brilliant analysis!!! What i assumed was they just got ahold of a windy synth then arpegiated some kind of mallet, but you open up alot other details!!!

  13. One thing for you to listen for is the baritone clarinet arrpegios buried in the left channel. It is there playing triplets.

  14. Genius catch friend!!! I wouldn't have even thought of the clarinet???!?!? You have discord by any chance?

  15. Thanks friend :) thats a nice reminder, looking through his history it was easy to not take it too personally or seriously, lol.. I'm always open to chat btw!

  16. I looked at his history too, thats how I found this abrasive comment he made, and I couldn't let such talent like your go into a submissive state, due to unwarranted hostility. In the end however, he is human, and I share the same capacity of love, compassion, and faith in him, as I do you. I'll dm you rn my friend, you seem hopeful : )

  17. Don't worry about him, he's just a sadman, looking for stimulation, and since he's too lazy to do good, he's causing negativity, Just remember people like him are in misery. They have nothing and no one, and choose to be nobody but a hateful comment, easily replaceable, and easily forgettable, I loved your track man!!! Keep shining! I'd actually love to talk about music with you, and learn!!

  18. If you're crazy, then so am I! I have recurrent depression and PTSD, among other mental and physical quirks, and the piano has truly helped me deal with all of that. It's a true morale-booster in a way medication and therapy can never be.

  19. I love your elaboration my friend, I live by we can either serve a message or a status in this life, and I want to compose my vision in music format, these ideas, worlds, that live behind my eyes, and in between my ears, into the world. May I chat with you about music?

  20. All I'm going to say is that you shouldn't pin all your hopes on piano solely working out as a career. Music as a career, in general, is volatile and it's often hard to make consistent money if you're not very good at what you do.

  21. With the general i want to go into, which i guess you'd call hip hop, I have confidence if my vision was translated, I'd be able to live off of it. I would to bring ballads, beautiful meaning behind the compositions, Complex character and structure, fusing to make a dream come true.

  22. Thank you so much for your kind comment, and im going to listen immediately! May I ask you about the piano

  23. Kindness in this time is so needed, and overwhelming to receive, I thank you sincerely my friend.

  24. Woah there are other mixes???? Besides the remix and the full peice, does anyone know of anymore?

  25. I still remember the day I got,I was a freshman and was talking to a friend who also like dragon ball,he brought up xv2 when it had just came out and we were both talking about how we wished we had it,next day came and my aunt randomly walked in my room and handed me the game,he was so shocked like “no way you fucker you planned that shit” she wasn’t even in the house that day so I don’t know how she knew I wanted it😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. Sounds like a dope story!!! I hope you enjoyed it! Also have a blessed day my friend!!!

  27. Off topic but is pvp worth learning? I have done most of the pve content in the game and I am getting kind of bored?

  28. Absolutely!!!! Its ecstatic winning. When you get a few friends on you can do cool stuff like dual ultimates. Really feels like dbz too. If your on playstation maybe we could play?

  29. 2011 is when I could make some good changes and not lose my sons. Damn, I have been making horrible decisions for over ten years. 😭

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