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[OC] After almost 1.5 years of training, I entered my 6 year old rescue bully in his first agility competition. He was the only pitbull-type dog there, qualified in 2/3 of his runs, and placed first in both. I can’t wait to break more stereotypes with my boy Baloo!

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  1. parakeets are parots also :) Interesting fact that I learned a while back, but just about every bird with a curved beak is counted a parot haha.

  2. A short, strong and curved hook bill is distinctive of the Psittaciformes order which is the super families of true parrots, cockatoos and New Zealand parrots.

  3. I got this information from the insert that came with my medication from the pharmacy. I was concerned about this possible side effect because of my other health factors, so I asked here for advice. I did not intend to fear monger. If the mods find the post to be inappropriate, feel free to remove it

  4. Reading the pamphlets can get you down a slippery slope of a mix of ‘oh that’s interesting’ and vague levels of paranoia.

  5. Grief and trauma with long lasting PTSD to go with it. Losing everything. Grief can basically stop you brain. Everything felt fake. You will stare at a wall and not think of anything. And other times you think too much, but the same basic thoughts. That Tragedy will be your identity, even though you hate it. For a long time that experience is who you are. You can’t focus, your thoughts are like skittish birds, and you also can’t think of the words you know you know but it’s just out of reach and you are constantly frustrated. You will not enjoy anything for months, and then when you do enjoy something it’s this awkward thing that feels sharp and weird because your brain can’t process it anymore.

  6. I did some research and Labs are actually like 7th on a smartest dog breed. But of course there are always some dumdums. I think their personalities kinda make them look less smart too. lol

  7. Animal intelligence is crazy hard to study. Often those tests are for ‘train ability’ as soccerkat pointed out. But there are many types of intelligence. Trainability may just be eager to please and better ability to communicate (training is communicating) with humans.

  8. I have a cattle dog GSD mix and a pibble/leopard hound mix who are crazy intelligent. They think through things.

  9. I planted several trees. One of my dogs kept digging them up and the others would then run around dragging the huge ‘stick’ with the root ball slapping into everything. They kept ending up on my couch. Some how the trees survived, but did not grow much the first few years and have some scarring in the lower trunk (cause they were chewed on).

  10. Super glue is considered nontoxic as well as wood glue. But wood glue and super glue can have additives. For wood glue, do not get something that says anything about being outside. So for titebond get titebond 1 (red label, original). For super glue you want gel and nothing else. NOTHING that says it expands. Be careful which one you grab cause anything other then regular old super glue/wood glue such as expanding or exterior glue is toxic

  11. Idk where you are but in my county you’re supposed to take them to animal control bc that’s where people look first. However, you can put yourself as first on the list when the 5-7 day hold is up and they become adoptable. That’s how we got one of ours!

  12. It’s not actually always the law. Good faith laws state if you found a animal at large and make a decent attempt at trying to find the owner, the dog becomes yours after a certain period of time. In the US that is anywhere between 24 hours and 30 days with most being 5 days. Having went to the vet, no microchip and the neighborhood apps then OP is set. Additional things that can be done is posting online and calling local shelters to give a description.

  13. If you are interested in the era and setting it will be more interesting. Which is why I’m not a big fan of Syndicate. Alternatively, while Ezio is some of my favorites because of the character and story I did not care at all what was going on in a historical perspective. Italy was fun, the time period wasn’t a big thing for me. And it still is one of my favorites anyways.

  14. I’ve heard that AC1 is skippable because the gameplay is clunkier and the story isn’t great, is that true?

  15. In a way it is clunkier feeling. My personal issue in AC1 that the dialogue scenes stays zoomed out and you can still run around as they talk. ADHD had me slowly losing my mind in cutscenes. The missions are also more copy paste then later games are. And a lot of people started with AC2 instead and still got into it

  16. Great information. This post has actually made me decide to get one. I’m all better now but I’m always super scared of getting super sick again that I get anxiety about it. It took so long to get better. Roughly 2 1/2 years. I never want to go down that path again.

  17. My VO2 Max would always begin to drop as well (at a quicker rate than I would deem rational) unless I was running consistently. But having the energy to run that much, lift, and function in my everyday life would become too difficult & counter productive.

  18. I am at the point where if I notice a difference I google or email my GP if it’s caused by it. So MANY little things.

  19. I have one that takes off his own collars and eats them. That stinker. My approach was to just to put the collar on when I’m taking him out. Similar to clip a leash except the collar never gets off the leash. He has a microchip if some strange circumstance has him loose without me there.

  20. I would guess Shar Pei mixed with something BIG. Maybe even Mastiff? Those paws are massive. Maybe that’s why they didn’t disclose because extra large dogs can be difficult to adopt out. He looks very sweet though!

  21. There was maybe little ‘no it’s mine’ corrections in the beginning over the dog bed. (When they stopped messing with the dog bed to move their face to the dog lying down. Very mild) The other dog listened which is great. It may have been resource guarding, but sometimes it is also ‘you have annoyed me too much so stop it.’ This is not a bad thing. Communication is good.

  22. The vet said it was feline herpes, likely contracted from her mother while in the womb. It affects her nasal passages too, she wheezes a lot. We tried treating the last eye as I was desperate to give her her sight back, but she kept bumping and bloodying it. Later, the vet saw some kind of legion behind using a dye or light (I forget which, maybe both?) and he was concerned that the scar tissue was worsening esp behind the eye. A blind cat sanctuary also advised us to spare her and us the horror of having it burst. I really felt defeated and will always wonder if I gave up too soon, but she's now the happiest girl in the world and loved beyond words. I'm so glad your doggy recovered, eyes are very delicate and precious. We did rescue a stray cat with bloody eyes and he regained almost 80% of his vision and was adopted, so it is not always hopeless.😀

  23. You can also look at it as the enucleation removed so much pain she was probably experiencing. I foster failed a litter. Two of them lost a eye, there was a huge difference in their activity and energy levels from before the surgery and just a few days post surgery. Made me glad I did it.

  24. … I say it the same???? Now I’m wondering how it is pronounced where you are ahaha

  25. Worked at a shelter. If you are adopting from a shelter (not a rescue) try to go in the summer. Here in the US with the warmer weather recently it should start early, but once it gets warm there’s KITTENS so many kittens. Too many kittens. We practically are shoving them at everyone.

  26. Not really. Mostly just asking on if we had a suggestion is a big thing that let us know you were prepared (our shelter had vouchers first free insurance the first month since we had a vet on staff). We had someone build a catio and we were like ‘yeah, they are ready for a cat.’

  27. Dammit, I don't know whether to believe this or if I google it I'm just ticking the algorithm to spread more misinformation!

  28. Go to his YouTube account. Posted a week ago. He also did a similar one right after Jan 6

  29. People around me say that a lot since I moved to a area with prominently soft water. Which I find weird still, but I will admit water tasted better when I was in the rockies and it had minerals. I still drink it here though.

  30. So if a situation were to happen like this in the future, what should I do instead of picking him up? I feel like I’m crossing a boundary to an extent when I grab someone else dog. The first time I grabbed her dog and notice the owner got involved. I know it may come off as aggressive and I probably should have not done that but I do get over protected with my dogs.

  31. The problems with dogs parks is exactly because you don’t know the dogs or owners and this can become an issue. You don’t have control of anything. In day cares and shelters they use spray bottles and shake cans, but those are aversion and again, the other owners.

  32. Mine do the same and I swore it looked like one snail with two shells. It’s not. And you will have more snails soon. Congratulations? (They are my pest snails so I would just be annoyed to see it haha)

  33. Some people are…really bad when shit gets serious. I work in a field that can turn sideways quick and if you have no training most people just freeze.

  34. All petsmart get their dogs/cats from the local shelters/rescues. Having been the person that had to chose the animals that go to petsmart from the shelter, we we had to send animals with as little behavioral problems as possible and with no health issues. They are still shelter animals, but are easier adopters

  35. A patch would be uncomfortable and potentially cause more pain (and even slow healing). Plus looks wise, the surgery spot may be a bit gnarly now but it does improve a lot.

  36. There is a lot of research saying otherwise. It is not just lack of socialization, but it is very important to make sure the puppies are kept separate for large chunks of time. That’s hard enough to do with two dogs, let alone four. I fostered a large litter and one family ended up with two dogs (they adopted one, then fostered a second for three months) and the dogs developed littermate syndrome.

  37. There is a study on littermate syndrome referenced in

  38. The things is it is all anecdotal. The only study I know of that addresses it (and I’m assuming it was the one listed in this book since my university and library does not have access to it) is ‘Canine competitive aggression: a clinical case of “sibling rivalry.”’ By McKeown et al. Which was a case study on treatment of what someone called sibling rivalry. Hence the quotation marks in the title.

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