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  1. Unfortunately demand is quite high and tbf its always been high youre not gonna get around that unless you luck out on your local marketplace or thrift. Dont trust anyone online selling for under 150$ as its most likely a scam. Theres a very slim chance they will ever do a rerelease of the original sanrio characters unless it was for an anniversary release maybe as they came out well over 10 years ago. I wish you luck on your hunt for her though!

  2. I'm sure bab is seeing the dollar signs and if their is money to be made chances are they will ask sanrio for a re-release. They would be stupid not to. And if not that's dumb on sanrio's part.

  3. Stop writing such horrible fiction. You know we can see all your posts, right? Aren't you still devastated from killing your cat last night?

  4. Apparently not. Their is a special kind of place in hell for people like this POS.

  5. My dream babs I should say is something they haven't done yet but hopefully one day. I would love to see build a bear and lisa frank collab together. I just found her son's email who runs the company now and asked them to consider. 🌈🤞

  6. I actually have a petition that I set up a while back to send to both companies for consideration. Not sure if I am allowed to share that in here at all.

  7. Doesnt matter if you meant to. You PURPOSELY harmed a defenseless animal for "funzies and vagina". I'm not "gonna chill bro" I am a mother to 4 beautiful cats. Better be glad I wasn't the female that you invited over. I would have taken your cat from your drunken ass and got it a better home where it would have been loved and wanted. You belong in jail for animal cruelty.

  8. Yup. Your an asshole. I am completely disgusted that you would treat an animal that you supposedly loved and killed it whether unintentional or intentional to "show off or impress a girl" as a female myself I would haul ass out the door and away from you. Your more than just as asshole. Your a POS human being. That cat didn't deserve to die nor deserved you as it's owner.

  9. Thank you! I totally understand. I live fairly close to my location but between a new infant and lack of car I want to make sure my trip is worth it. Maybe budget out fir two friends online and then for in store. And if no friend in store you have extra money for accessories or something else in the mall.

  10. I am actually going to two different malls. One has the bab location. The other has a HT. Hopefully something comes out that I will want.

  11. Ooh. That makes a bit more sense. You could also call your location to ask which friends they have as well. Well whatever the case is, I wish you the beary best of luck in your birthday endeavors.

  12. I think I am the exact opposite. I used to love their unique animals. But now all I care about is their pokemon line. If something doesn't come out that I want I just skip everything else and just purchase from the pokemon center or I buy loungefly bags for lisa frank. I heard their is a parrot coming out so I am interested to see it considering I love macaws. I am trying to figure out the same thing as well.

  13. No. People just keep saying he's coming with no real proof so at this point it's gonna either happen or it won't

  14. I really hope not. I am not too crazy over this one plus there is so much merch for mimi and barely anything for shaymin. He needs love too.

  15. I just don’t get why they couldn’t have made a custom bear for him 🥲 maybe with black and green paw ears like ladybugs and embroidery eyes… but instead they just slapped it on Hugs teddy

  16. He's been done dirty both in season 4 and 5 so far. By creators and marinette herself.

  17. Aww so lucky you have that aracanine! You're right that it needs a growlithe baby ! That will be so cute

  18. Very upset they didn't make a cat noir bear. I prefer him over ladybug/marinette. I'm hoping he will come out eventually.

  19. The joke is I'm not even an only child. I have a little step-brother who is now like 9 years old and she literally shit talked me when he was like5 years old saying something like "You sibling is jut sick in the head" from wht I heard. This is even worse bc little children are so easily manipulated. Rn my bro and my uncle are the only one in my family I have a good relation to, the others treat me the same way.

  20. I totally agree. My childhood friends always say she is such a good person but they have no clue the things she has said to me.

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