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  1. If your 'generosity' has caveats, you're not that generous. You sound petty and controlling. Fair bet you will only see the next gathering of friends on instagram, as you won't be invited

  2. OK, but like, what culture?? What exactly have white people achieved besides figuring out how to invade other countries and bury their children??

  3. Seriously, I could never. I'm grateful every day my kids were born typical. I'm not the kind of person who would have been strong enough to deal with that

  4. Do you know how many dogs die while flying? The dog doesn't need to go, keep it home safe

  5. What if OP doesn’t have a safe place to leave the dog?

  6. I get $20 hair cuts and tip an extra five. The idea of spending over three hundred on a haircut seems insane to me.

  7. It's not a haircut tho, perms are very delicate business, and you can end up with permanent damage if they're done wrong

  8. We don't have oreo cakesters in Canada anymore, I'd rob someone for those!

  9. Aww, she's so pretty!! And you guys have the coolest ceiling - LOVE it!!!

  10. My kid put a tapestry over his ceiling light, string up some LEDs, and you're good to go!

  11. Bro, I'm sorry....but have you considered the idea that your hate for Maggie is so vehement because you're wanting your girlfriend to be blameless? It sounds like you're trying VERY hard to believe your fiance is an angel with devil Maggie on her shoulder...but birds of a feather flock together

  12. Pretty hilarious that you've been a parent for less than 25% of her life, and still think you get a say in what your GROWN ASSED ADULT daughter does with her life

  13. Like, I don't want to reopen a wound for you, but I have multiple questions. If witnessing him get a BJ didn't push you over the edge, what did?

  14. One day I realized I was never going to get past it, things after that had escalated so hard and I realized I was drinking every day just to get through my marriage...I was turning into my I'm a champagne at new years kind of drinker

  15. I'm glad you're in a better place. In your position, I'm almost certain I'd still be on probation.

  16. There was a point, not long after it happened, more drama with her and him hiding they were still friends, I was ssuuuupppeeerrr drunk, and we were standing at the top of the stairs....I almost pushed him down, it was fucking close

  17. I figured as much. Still doesn’t answer the second question.

  18. I imagine the drone can't handle that delicate of a task, the bulb probably isn't worth $20,000, but dropping it from that height would be scary smashy

  19. Tell me a stripper turned you down without telling me a stripper turned you down

  20. You go back to the place that sold them to you lol, if they have extras wmthey will give them for free

  21. This is a life you are modeling for your son. Is this what you want to show him relationships are like?

  22. You COULD train the dog not to lick faces tho, you just need to be consistant, clearly you aren't

  23. He's not cheating with a 14 year old, he's repeatedly raping a 14 year old

  24. Beyond impressive ax work, I was flinching every time he swung lol

  25. Alexis will probably hurry to give him a do-over child.

  26. As someone who walks along an astroturf sidewalk daily, the bigger issue is just sits on the fake grass and petrifies

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