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  1. for everything, there's a female version of it I think

  2. The jury finds your client guilty of third degree murder, mutilation, and public indecency, seriously why would you wear his skin you sick fuck, I feel pleading insanity would go better for you

  3. he pleads oopsie daisies, it was just a goof for laughs, he didn't mean to hurt anyone πŸ₯Ί

  4. I want them to but something in my brain is stopping them

  5. Idk which part it is, honestly might hand a knife to mom and tell her to remove my brain outright if she doesn't want me to think for myself

  6. anatomy of the brain and their specific functions 🧠

  7. Speaking of Orespawn didn't the creator become a crazy mf or something?

  8. so if epicfest had first forms just like uberfest. Why didn't PONOS make em that way

  9. Man i just wanted to save cat food for epicfestival but my sis said no and took it and wasted it all on excellent selection didnt get one uber

  10. tickets are better for saving for fest's and catfood is best for guaranteed

  11. Especially with two slow up M combos lol

  12. I'm post urs, and still don't have her. I haven't done a single 4 star sol

  13. Lil' Jamie seems too pure to rage. Prof A. Wouldn't even be playing geometry dash, we know what he looks at. Lil' bun bun rages with love

  14. ζ—©δΈŠε₯½δΈ­ε›½ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ ηŽ°εœ¨ζˆ‘ζœ‰ε†°ζ·‡ζ·‹ 🍦 ζˆ‘εΎˆε–œζ¬’ε†°ζ·‡ζ·‹ ❀️

  15. πŸ€πŸ€ your balls, nail em to your door or something

  16. stay still and comply with the authorities or face the harsh punishment

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