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  1. Most people with true dementia do not have any insight into their problem. They aren’t aware of anything being wrong or they try to hide it or minimize the problem to their family. You may be dealing with depression/pseudo dementia or some brain related change related to your seizures

  2. Dollar cost average into the SP500 over your lifetime is probably the best advice

  3. Mine looks like that but developed bigger patches after a while. Keep us updated. I’m currently at the doctors now waiting for a diagnosis

  4. Thanks for the reply. Mine looks a bit different now with more red patches. Please let me know what your doc says as well. Did yours come out of nowhere or were you sick before?

  5. Mine lasted about a month, I’m not a doctor though but a medical assistant. Mine was not itchy just tons of red bumps. Antibacterial soap helped followed with dove bar soap

  6. Thanks it’s not itchy either. Sounds just like yours. I’ll try the soap and just monitor it for a bit. Thanks so much!

  7. I’m in the medical field as well, but not dermatology so I just wanted to get some feedback. I tend to be quite the hypochondriac when I have a new medical issue arise, which has been pretty common lately unfortunately. I’m glad yours went away. I washed my sheets recently so it has to be a sweat rash. It’s worse after I workout and sweat a lot.

  8. Same. I think it might have something to do with the cold dry weather. My skin is a bit itchy overall which to me suggests my skin is dry. The red spots themselves don’t itch. Idk. Glad I’m not alone

  9. Just out of curiosity how did you get hacked and why can’t you get it back?

  10. They got into my metamask wallet The cleared it it. Bypassed 2fa and I got no notification. The vendor won't help.

  11. Idk and imagine thinking that we are the only planet with life in the entire universe. What kind of psycho would make the universe so immensely large and fill it with nothing but our f*cked up human species. At least we have all of the other beautiful plants and animals on earth until we kill them all off

  12. We have no evidence biblically that there is life outside of earth, it's possible but seems unlikely. If there is, it's not like us and is not created in the image of God. Humans are unique in having a soul. Heaven and hell are both for us, not animals.

  13. And at what point in our evolution did we acquire an eternal soul?

  14. Just Homo sapiens or homo habilis, homo Neanderthal, homo erectus, etc?

  15. Nobody. He was always there, even before 'always' was a concept.

  16. There is no such thing as a magical place called heaven and a soul lmao. When you die you will be decomposed, by fungi, like all other organic matter. After that, your nutrients will be reabsorbed by living organisms and reincorporated into the earth. Every culture throughout history has had their own version of god(s) and heaven. Christianity is no different. Religion stems from fear of the unknown and profits from it. Don’t be scared, just enjoy the ride of life and accept that we don’t know what happens when you die. My personal hunch is that it will be exactly like what you experienced before you were born 😉

  17. You mean it’s shingles but insignificant?

  18. Do you have an autoimmune disease and/or are you on immunosuppressive drugs?

  19. Lol you are dressed so innocently. It’s funny to see a bottle of bourbon on the lap of a schoolgirl

  20. I never used jarred normally but I'm not that pretentious. Red sauce is one of my favorite things to make and I make a damn good sauce.

  21. I mix it up but keep it kinda traditional! Usually a blend of tomatoes, onions, and garlic roasted off. Peppers optional.

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