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AITA for telling my wife that leaving her used pad in my brother's place was inappropriate?

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  1. My red lab plays like this with my newfie. He’s so weird. I never met another dog who spent so much time upside down.

  2. No, not at all. Common dog names to me are Shadow, Spot, Fluffy, Sadie, Blackie. Names like those.

  3. I don’t think these are all that common anymore. I’m more more likely to run into a Bear, Luna, Loki, or Moose.

  4. The brooder plate should be very close to the ground. Probably with just enough room for chicks to get under. If the get too hot then they move away from it. I used an infrared thermometer. It uses a laser to detect temperature so it’s an almost instantaneous reading.

  5. Not to have “unspoken rules”. You need to communicate, lay out what you want and don’t want. Do you know how many problems start with “Well I assumed…”

  6. Sometimes it takes me a while to get the eggs from the coop and it’s very cold outside is that considered refrigerated?

  7. That’s something I wondered too. You’re not supposed to leave them out after they’ve been refrigerated. But right now being outside is as cold as being in the fridge.

  8. Why is he sitting on the stairs? What is actually wrong with labs? They’re all such little weirdos.

  9. I was 35 when I went back to school. I was the youngest person in my class.

  10. A common law marriage can only be formed in eight states, but all states will recognize such a marriage when it exists. If you get common-law married in TX, move to NJ with your spouse and decide after a couple years that you want to leave them to marry someone else, you will need to get a divorce in NJ to not commit bigamy.

  11. I live in New Jersey and it clearly states it doesn’t recognize common law marriage.

  12. NJ (and all other states in the US) recognize marriages validly formed in other states. Since TX allows the formation of common-law marriages, a common-law marriage formed there would be recognized in NJ and would need to be dissolved by a formal divorce should that couple, validly married, were to move to a state (like NJ) that otherwise forbids the formation of common-law marriage.

  13. I have a Newfoundland that stays outside from about 6am to 10-11pm. She doesn’t want to come in. We have a acre of fenced in property and she loves to be outside. Like you she periodically comes in throughout the day for food and drinks. She is happy and healthy. It sounds like you are doing what’s best for your dogs.

  14. Labs come in many different sizes. At 36 kg my lab would be very overweight, he normal is about 27 kg. He’s on the smaller end for labs. My parents have a very big lab. He’s 40 kg. Both of these labs are pure bred (though I’m pretty sure my parents’ lab is poorly bred). If the vet says the dog is overweight, then they’re probably overweight. A good follow up question for your vet would be to ask what an ideal weight should be for your dog.

  15. My girl is about 120lbs. She seems normal sized to me. All the other dogs are small lol

  16. My son says they like the “raspberry Mohawk” to be petted.

  17. I have a newfie with chickens. She’s also 2 years old. She’s very protective of them. She sleeps outside next to the coop and petrols our property. She’s a great guardian for them. The only time I ever lost one was when we took her out to get groomed.

  18. Just to let you know since I’ve seen some posts where people starting out didn’t realize - hens can be loud too. Personally I don’t think it’s bothersome (and it’s not louder than a large dog outside barking) but apparently with some people they expect hens to be almost silent while it’s “only roosters” that are the “noisy” ones. This isn’t true. So depending on how close your neighbors are, might be something you have to consider.

  19. My Plymouth Rock hens are louder than my ameraucana rooster. They scream at every human they see because they’re fat and want snacks. My husband says they don’t even sound like chickens, they sound like raptors.

  20. I have kids and a lab. Pretty sure the lab is more work lol.

  21. That I don’t know what you want to eat unless you tell me.

  22. I use an old blasting cap crate as a brooder for baby chickens.

  23. OP based on your post history the first thing you need to do is to start seeing a professional therapist regularly. You are not alone.

  24. This is the answer. You can’t expect someone to want to be with you if you wouldn’t even want to be with yourself.

  25. YTA. Next time she can keep wearing the used pad and your brother can deal with the consequences of any accidentally spillage.

  26. Next time she should hand it to her husband to hold onto.

  27. They wouldn’t let us use their fancy metric system. More look what we’re stuck with.

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