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  1. You want to know what's worse? She's considered one of the all time great players because of her ability to manipulate people.

  2. No she is not. Most fans discredit her win because their were so many twists aka production interference.

  3. game of thrones was infuriating because it was so good and then a sexist, violent nude scene would happen and grind the whole show to an unpleasant, embarrassing halt.

  4. That stuff happened in the books they were adapting....They didn't just randomly come up with it and throw it in. George RR Martin wrote it first.

  5. The man who was set on fire is being charged with a ton of shit, as stated here.

  6. More people need to know this. There’s also recordings (I think Australia - please correct me if I’m wrong), where medical staff is on tape talking about her dosage to keep her calm.

  7. Why do people hate this guy so much? Lol. It can't just be that they don't find him funny. It's like...literal annoyance and hate at every mention of him.

  8. Apples and oranges. Theft from the govt is theft from everyone who pays their taxes. I’m a huge fan. But if it turns out true, 20 behind bars years sounds great

  9. 20 years for a non violent crime is insane. That is just the max sentence. Doesn't mean that is what he will or should get if convicted.

  10. If it's true that he was a targeted individual, then his neighbours were absolutely involved in surveilling him. What excuse could they have for trying to stop him entering his own property/leaving theirs? That's not normal behaviour.

  11. That's the incident I'm talking about. Have the neighbors ever been questioned or made a statement on this?

  12. Wow wtf. I never heard him saying that Oj thing. What a crazy thing to say out loud.

  13. Says he doesn't care about weed but their is no way they would not have lept on the arrest opportunity if they even found the slightest gram. No way they were gonna do all of this shit and not take an opportunity to make a petty arrest if it presented itself.

  14. Yeah. I'm one of the minority I think. I dislike (hate is way too strong a word) all-star seasons. I want new people experiencing the game for the first time. In all-star seasons the social dynamics are completely different, from being able to sit back and watch a person's game, their diary rooms, hearing their secrets at the end, etc. I never want to see returnees in anything other than cameos, not in the actual game. They've had their time, bring in new blood.

  15. Did you like bbcan5? Most consider that the best bbcan season from what I've seen online. I prefer new as well personally but making all these all star players/personalities and then never seeing them again is no fun lol

  16. Genuinely was not expecting that. When you can become a felon so easily for just pushing an officer off of you while resisting or just slightly touching them its refreshing to see an officer held accountable for being violent with a member of the public. Also sure I remember him in the video laughing and being like "should I charge her a felony?". Now look who is a felon.

  17. Most of them were underwhelming lol. Keesha, David, Xmas, Nicole A, Enzo, Dani, Kevin, Tyler. Then you had Janelle and Kaysar leave so soon. Everything played out so specifically in the most boring uneventful way possibly.

  18. I was actually a really big Dani fan going into the season. All she did for the first 3 weeks was obsessively target Janelle who wasn't even after her and act as Nicole's counselor. Then spent the remainder of the game playing for an alliance that everyone could see she was at the bottom of and basically just a vote for. Pretty underwhelming.

  19. Ian said he new Dan deserved to win but was mad at Janelle for thinking the same thing?

  20. I stood up for myself, and I looked like an idiot, and I'm pissed off as hell. And it was all because of that BITCH MEGAN! I NEED MONEY, AND THAT BITCH IS ABLE TO STAY IN HERE SHE'S A WHORE AND A SLUT AND I FUCKING HATE HER

  21. I love Julie as host because despite her malfunctions, it wouldn't feel right not having her there. However, the thought of seeing her in the DR is making me reconsider my position! For some reason I think she'd be unintentionally hilarious.

  22. I think she "played" bb with The Talk co-hosts and was doing DR sessions on that. But I can't remember lol

  23. really? Memphis Keesha Kevin Janelle Dani Briones Nicole Cody and Tyler are all notable and players that were huge influences on their seasons, the only real "WTF's" were bayleigh Da'vonne David Christmas and Kaysar who were not known for being that good at big brother, but Kaysar Bayleigh and Da'vonne make good TV and were big personalities.

  24. Dan and Derrick were all stars. Cody and Memphis were there it felt like just because they couldn't get the other 2. A literal dowmgrade.

  25. they’ve both just had babies. honestly they seem like really compatible friends they probably just decided that’s more valuable than whatever bb drama happened. i hope the same can happen with dani and janelle 😭

  26. I don't think Janelle and Dani were ever actual friends though like Nicole and Dani.

  27. Did he ever sue and get a settlement from this? Was the officer fired/disciplined?

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