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Not much of an anime watcher, but those of us who’ve been here from the start defending this game we appreciate you new comers !

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  1. Fun fact: in the entire history of humanity, there has never, ever been, an open relationship that worked out for every party

  2. Because she's in a one off gig. Completely irrelevant as a character. Not even a character, really, as she doesn't do anything.

  3. So in 2077 we'll have Keanu Reeves' construct telling us to fucking destroy Tesla every 5 minutes

  4. Wake the fuck up samurai, we have a car to burn.. oh wait it just started burning on its own, nevermind

  5. Dude there you go generalizing again. If you don’t like taunts, just mute…like the feature they just released.

  6. They didn't say they don't like taunts, they said it's annoying when people would spam the taunt button all game

  7. do y'all remember that dumbass who died because he convinced his girlfriend to shoot him with a Desert Eagle while he held an encyclopedia over his chest to stop the bullet

  8. Kinda feel bad for the gf tbh - she's not blameless and deserved to get convicted, but damn

  9. The stock market is just a made-up concept, it's not actually money! Unrelatedly, it's fucked up that these billionaires have so much money

  10. And tax loopholes. Investments are basically money that appears out of nowhere, so you don't have to pay taxes on it!

  11. Tax loopholes don't magically create money, they just avoid spending a fraction of it. There's very few people who are only billionaires because of loopholes, and those people would still be hundred-millionaires even if those loopholes were closed

  12. If we're talking adaptions in the world but not necessarily following the plot of the game (like edgerunners), the first thoughts that come to mind are:

  13. Inside your clickListener, you're checking that the text is "Hello World!" and then setting it to "Bye". Then it immediately checks if the text is "Bye" (of course it is, you just set it to that) and sets it back to "Hello World!".

  14. Other people already answered your question, but for future reference: when asking questions like this, it's always helpful to explain what's not working. Are you getting an error message? What is it doing vs what you'd expect it to do, etc

  15. This thread is an exception, most of the time Reddit shits on this movie.

  16. If that's true, it's kinda suspicious that the one time we rush to it's defense is when the criticism is from a feminist perspective 🤷‍♀️

  17. That’s because the author is reaching with a mile long pole to make their claim.

  18. I don't think Antonio is anyone in particular, it's just a funny and unexpected name for a troll.

  19. Especially since it comes out of nowhere - he's just called "the troll" for the entire show except this one random throwaway

  20. The fact that Carlin is both the #1 and #2 comment at the time I'm writing this should show something.

  21. Also the fact that I immediately knew this would be the case the moment I saw the post title

  22. Twitter has a lot of ground to stand on. Its basically the worlds platform to talk to anybody having one big conversation with every human on earth to whom ever decides to join. People are acting like twitter is dumb or dead or whatever else, but most people who think that never used it or don't understand it. I don't support Elon but I do believe twitter is way more than what people who hate musk give it credit for.

  23. Just for context, Twitter is pretty small from a userbase perspective. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and a bunch of others all have way more monthly active users. Twitter is right between Pinterest and Reddit in

  24. That clip of somebody actually proposing using the song was the most cringe thing I've ever seen in my entire life

  25. Oh cmon he’s such a fake good guy and has created one of the most insidious neoliberal piece of shit musicals of all time

  26. You can tell someone is full of shit when they panic and try to use "neoliberal" as some sort of magic spell that gets them out of actually explaining themselves

  27. Two of my last five comments included the word "alas", and it would have been more if I didn't consciously avoid using it in another. What the hell is going on in my life

  28. The ironic twist of me deleting my twitter account is that I'm no longer getting constant updates about how Elon is fucking up Twitter

  29. I don't think there's any algorythm that can detect "actual" brilliant moves.

  30. Wasn't there a time where "brilliant" was defined as "was the computer-selected move, but only when the depth was beyond x"?

  31. Yeah, it used to be a move that the engine didn't value as best at first but then changed its mind.

  32. Because it indicates a move that a human would need to calculate very well to find, I imagine.

  33. Unrelated to the post, but should we be concerned that bots are talking more and more “realistically”? Or should we be more concerned that they’re actually responding to each other with proper answers?

  34. I signed up for that PS Plus tier that allows timed trials for games (ie you have 2 hours of game time to try it out). Having that ticking clock really drives home just how long it takes most games to actually get to real gameplay. Hell, it often takes about 20 minutes before you even get to the "push thumbstick to walk" part

  35. Well it's good that they aren't yelled at for 8 hours a day then. Not sure what planet you live on that everyone calling customer service is going to be a dick.

  36. Starting with the surface level, main characters are two stereotypical nerds, one more laid-back and the other one robot-like in demeanor, plus a woman character who is notably not a nerd and often rolls her eyes at the other characters for being nerdy. She is still shown to have certain smarts and keeps the nerds in line. Her street smarts and social skills are often used as contrast with the other characters for humor. The nerds have stereotypical nerd jobs with wacky hijinx.

  37. Monowires were in the tabletop cyberpunk game, which predates Johnny Mnemonic by a couple years IIRC. The way it’s used in the video game is definitely reminiscent of the movie though.

  38. Quick nitpick - the TTRPG came before Johnny Mnemonic the movie, but after the short story which also includes monowire

  39. Gta V did it. Rdr2 did it. Obviously Cyberpunk city is more dense, but I think if they used a better engine and cleverly reused game objects, there wouldnt be much issue past it just taking more time to build

  40. I understand why every area isn’t accessible, but I think CP2077 is pretty far on the extreme end to where the city feels artificial because of it. Why even make an vast open world game at that point when so much of it has no gameplay value

  41. Redditors getting indignant when they learn Johnny Cash didn't actually shoot a man in Reno [he's a phony]

  42. Rittenhouse's new flash game is a net good because it will keep the worst kinds of people occupied playing a shitty game solely because they think it's making some imaginary libs mad

  43. How much do you think the shift towards DeSantis is a natural happening and how much do you think it's the DeSantis camp making friends in high places?

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