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Where do I start with showing an elderly woman the internet?

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  1. Google a guy called „Hens Rosling“. He actually studies this stuff and has some great videos for you. Basically, this will sort itself out.

  2. Musikverein or Konzerthaus. And don’t buy the tickets from anywhere else except the venues’ own websites or in person at the box office.

  3. Shops close usually at 6pm on 24.december and are closed on 25. and 26. Some restaurants are open but not all.

  4. You should probably ask your girlfriend, since the term will likely mean slightly different things to different people.

  5. Oh that was a really well written answer. Thank you for that

  6. I hope this video puts your mind at ease. If you're just talking about chord progressions, don't lose sleep over it.

  7. Isn't bridge free? Just need to pay for extra features like camera raw I think

  8. Bridge is free. I think you’re right that you would “just” need the subscription to get ACR.

  9. Yeah when I finished uni and I stopped getting adobe cc for free, I waited like 2 weeks to start a subscription so that it would renew at the start of the month. I pre-installed the cc launcher so I could install everything as soon as I started the subscription and I noticed I was allowed to install bridge. Imagine my disappointment when I couldn't open camera raw from it :(

  10. Reach out to the old friends, some of those friendships might be able to be rekindled. Covid has dragged a lot of us through some dark places over the last couple of years, and the current general re-emergence from the gloom can help with that.

  11. Sleep paralysis means you don’t move - as the name itself suggests - so it won’t be visible to an observer.

  12. Rule 31 of the internet, he's basically objectifying the old lady

  13. Good eye. There is indeed an incessant flow of comments posted by bots using the "GPT3" language model to generate their answers, and they do often fall into somewhat formulaic phrasing.

  14. It’s possible to be allergic to capsicum - you might want to talk to a doc and get tested. My former roommate was so allergic that her breathing reflex would cut out - if she didn’t remember to breath, ger body wouldn’t do it automatically and she would pass out. Not to scare you, but do go see a doc.

  15. You can take it in checked baggage, just don’t forget to check yes to the „are you carrying in any foodstuffs“ question on your customs form - olive oil should be allowed in but you still have to answer the question honestly (I forcit about a box of chocolates in my luggage once svs got a lecture at customs)

  16. I've been practicing working with a DOF Calculator and am wondering does Hyperfocal distance even matter for this kind of photo shoot? From what I gathered Hyperfocal distance would be more for landscape/moon/stars type of photos, right?

  17. Laut WienMobil App und viele Durchsagen seit heute früh: Weichenstörung am Ring, Ende der Störung noch nicht absehbar.

  18. There are many different calendars in use around the works today, so not standardized

  19. I’d just like some way of being able to read the settings without having to juggle my reading glasses. An EVF would make that possible if it had diopter adjustment.

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