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I played the part of Sors Bandeam -- The youngling in Revenge of the Sith and I'm fighting in a charity boxing match for Cancer Research UK (March 25th) 🥊

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  1. I’ve never had a bond with a horse but just from watching the video I have no clue how the person on the horse didn’t jump off and take care of that dog himself

  2. It's a reasonably busy location in London, lots of roads and cars and civilians walking around. Getting off the horse probably would have freaked it out more and given it an excuse to bolt without the rider being able to stop or control it which would've been more dangerous for passersby, cars and the horse.

  3. No one died, and the criminal justice process continues as intended truly revolutionary.

  4. Is there a petition I can sign to pressure Bangladesh to follow their own laws?

  5. You'd have better luck signing one to get us to follow our own.

  6. She shouldn't be there she should be here, in prison.

  7. Reminds me of the words of Ox in the anime Juni Taisen: Zodiac War.

  8. This comes up like every couple of months here and will continue to do so until the contents of Netflix are consumed by a Black Hole I imagine.

  9. Well not everyone has already watched the show, and also new accounts are a thing.

  10. Yeah I'm not saying it's not allowed or I don't understand why.

  11. FIRST OF ALL, TERRIBLE ACTOR??? THAT DUDE SHOULD RECEIVE AN OSCAR, with a show with terrible acting all around from the main to the side characters. HE WAS THE ONLY ONE TAKING HIS CHARACTER seriously you imbecile

  12. Using the argument that Ivar is good because so many other characters were portrayed poorly or had bad writing is not as strong as a point as you seem to think it is.

  13. But he was good! how can anyone disagree, unless they simp on bjorn

  14. Bjorn got progressively worse and worse throughout the show, Ivar was better but he was still bad in my opinion and only benefited from not being around as long for his arc to hit such lows.

  15. I'd say just talk to them about it but make a point of not letting it get heated on your part and also establishing that it's important to you. Explain that you're genuinely hurt regardless of what gets done with the hair and the fact that she would consider leaving you for such a superficial reason is in of itself something you guys need to address, either her reason or her understanding of what is okay to throw around in the attempt to win arguments.

  16. She feels it "says something about my personality" and would be "too girly." Neither of those things make any sense to me as the length of someone's hair has nothing to do with their personality, and she has previously made a point of not caring about gender stereotypes, either for herself or, for instance, when I pierced my ears.

  17. Yeah that doesn't really track based on what you've told us about her so I mean if she won't even acknowledge she's being logically inconsistent maybe point out that threatening to divorce her husband because he grew out his hair says something about her personality. It also directly contradicts the claim that "she has previously made a point of not caring about gender stereotypes." So ask her why this is different, again she owes you at least a satisfactory answer beyond "it just is" and it's not unreasonable for you to expect her to acknowledge that even if she doesn't have one.

  18. Great vid, but I'm gonna be that guy and say it's about five years too early on that Breaking Bad clip there

  19. It did come out in 2008 tbf, I remember one of my mates talking about the show years before the pre season 5 hype train that made it big. I also remember me not giving a shit at the time because I hated Chemistry lessons and why would I watch a show about a Chemistry teacher.

  20. We are truly on the frontier of media out here, not many folk make it so far. But those that do, well, they usually have a story or two to tell.

  21. Like literally every character in this show when she turned up I was interested and hyped for the potential pay offs for her character and was unceremoniously proven a fool when she really didn't amount to much or surpass the shadow of Alison in world. Not Arden or even the characters fault the writers of this show are great at elevator pitches but suck at sticking the landing. Hailing from the school of Game of Thrones Dan and Dan shitty writing.

  22. Kinda disgusting how you are proving the dudes point about leftist prejudices. You're making us all look bad by talking down to him dismissively and acting like you know it all without even caring to ask or hear them out.

  23. Compassion sure came into play during the riots, or Antifa burning down buildings, or the left taking over a couple blocks of Seattle and people getting killed inside because of it. Yea, total compassion right there. The right likes discussion and the left doesnt want to talk about anything unless you agree with them. Those are infact the differences.

  24. Ah yes we all remember on January 6th when the Right entered the Capitol building to have a discussion and no one was killed or injured... Oh wait.

  25. I want a show set in teen wolf universe where we just have random cameos of the OG cast or like you see a vague Derek look a like in the background with Eli playing at a park or mentions of an Agent Stilinski with the FBI sniffing around the whatever the main characters are doing in the spin off.

  26. An anthology series of one off episodes each following members of the main cast from the show on little one off adventures would be cool.

  27. Literally just going to be a 3 month hiatus as Part I comes to an end. Also, I've never understood why people get their panties in a wad over this show. If you don't like it, don't watch it. That's what I do... It's pretty simple. I'll absolutely never understand these people who get emotionally invested in a children's show existing....

  28. While I also don't watch it anymore I can say it's fairly obvious that it's just a matter of a sunk cost fallacy. Lots of people have been emotionally invested in the franchise since they were children, many are unwilling to write it off and fully disengage because of that history and so rage because they can't materially change anything but wish they could. Not healthy but pretty understandable, I think everyone has held on to things they should let go of due to sentimentality before.

  29. Not really, the argument would be that society is influenced by things that aren’t individual humans, which then shape us as individuals.

  30. How can there be a society containing a system of production and exchange and also be affected by those systems without being effected by the people that establish and participate in those systems?

  31. Well, very easily. “Chemistry” is an example: it is driven by the movement of atoms in aggregate; for the most part nobody attributes chemical reactions to the actions of an individual atom. What matters is the average movement of the system as a whole, and the equilibria it attains. I don’t think all social mechanisms work like this. Some almost certainly do.

  32. Individuals aren't comparable to atoms in this context unless you're likening atoms randomly responding to stimuli to all forms and applications of consciousness. There are objective and subjective differences to society purely on the basis of individual actions and decisions.

  33. It might be disappointing but it's not struggling to break even by any stretch of the imagination, it's already at 2.5-3x it's budget

  34. It's still 50 million under 2.5, with a 200 million budget current box office is 448 million even if it breaks even it's hardly gonna be truly profitable.

  35. 2.5 rule is an rough estimate and becomes much less the higher the production budget/box office is, because marketing costs don't scale linearly. Pictures like dune wouldn't get a dune 2 if 2.5x is just break even.

  36. Even with non linear scaling I can't imagine Ant Man, a tentpole of the current MCU meta narrative got a smaller marketing budget than Dune.

  37. I don’t think you’re silly. I’m sorry I made you feel that way. You’re right I don’t get why everyone cares so much about these false fronts in the culture wars but I do know you’re real and I don’t want to make someone feel bad while questioning why everyone makes each other feel bad on this website.

  38. I think the larger point is maybe stop being so backhanded in your engagement, regardless of what your opinion is?

  39. I’m just going to try to stop being a hypocrite and stop fighting on Reddit. No good comes from social media. Anonymous social media doubly so. The highest order good that can come from it is frivolity and that’s what I’ll try to use it for.

  40. Lol kinda the whole point right there, jog on at your leisure. I wish we could all just runaway when we don't like what we hear.

  41. Honestly though, I feel like that was sort of a good thing while also being a subtle jab at the other DC movies. A jab in the sense that Batman and Superman are not supposed to kill people, but they clearly do. Yet Black Adam absolutely will kill people because he’s not a traditional hero. It might just be me, but I felt like the constant “not a hero” stuff was some slight ribbing over the fact that DC movies basically turned all their heroes into antiheroes.

  42. I dunno, I don't think it was particularly subtle because for me at least it was a glaring annoyance that BA was in no way more extreme or morally ambiguous than a hero. Yeah you can argue against JL members killing but real talk of the ones we've seen do it in this film universe only Superman and Batman have ever had an actual pre-existing no kill rule and both characters caused deaths in reasonably believable ways. So it's not really an incisive commentary to make the foundation of this movie and if they are doing that they need to actually improve on what was done before which they didn't do in terms of justifying random death I don't think.

  43. Eh, the issues with Superman killing I think can mostly be overlooked. Like you said it’s a combination of lack of experience and necessity with Zod. However, I don’t think Batman’s killing should be so easily overlooked. The guy just mows down people with his car without a care. But I don’t see why we should judge BA because of Batman. BA was portrayed the way he was meant to be, even if the story wasn’t that great, they at least got the character mostly right. Batman was horribly written and portrayed more like a killing antihero than he should have been.

  44. I don't disagree with your logic, just with the idea that BA was a dark killer. He only murdered unambiguously bad people and he never did it in particularly egregious ways. Black Adam afaik is not an anti hero he's more of an anti villain. He has heroic traits but his goal isn't inherently good, he just wants to rule and protect Kahndaq uncontested. Imo his portrayal was very declawed and unintimidating compared to what he is meant to be.

  45. He’s not judging everyone. He’s judging a bunch of rich self righteous assholes who throw a whole fete to talk about how important and “revolutionary” they are. It’s gross and egotistical and everything wrong with society currently, which makes sense why you fit right in so well, despite most definitely lacking the “rich” part.

  46. The idea that this even makes the top 1000 things that are wrong with any society today is the most privileged notion I've heard so far in 2023.

  47. People birch a d moan about everything on this show. The only truly Bad season was 7. 1-4 were good to Great. 5 was Average. 6 part 1 was Real good, 6 part 2 wasn't. 7 Horrible. 8 part 1 was good, Part 2 wasn't and part was Average. Seaoan 9 part q so Far is decent. Take the show for what it is. A superhero show with a little character development. It's not supposed to be cutting edge storytelling and mind blowing action. It's a tv superhero show guys. It's entertains me enough to keep watching.

  48. You keep saying it's a superhero show as if that justifies having bad writing but if anything that's the reason it should have much stronger scripts. The best superhero tv shows are known as that because they know how to translate their themes into the medium they are using. Flash refusing to do that more than a handful of times shows the production care more about shovelling content than creating quality.

  49. Why are you working this hard to defend someone who began a conversation saying the reason many housewives feel overwhelmed is that they are inventing pointless tasks for themselves?

  50. I mean I'm not working hard it appears very simple and clear what they said. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder and want them to be wrong because you don't like their phrasing I can only guess, rather than what they mean or actually convey.

  51. He gave an example of a girlfriend who wasn’t complaining about having too much housework to explain away complaints from other people who aren’t his girlfriend. The point was to undermine and diminish women’s labor.

  52. Sure there is. If you are going to change the rules then just quit calling it that sport and just make your own game up. It's basketball BECAUSE of the rules. That's like taking ice out of hockey because its to cold and taking out sticks so they have to throw the ball. Its NOT HOCKEY THEN

  53. Said by someone who clearly doesn't know Hockey was invented without the use of ice rinks.

  54. SMG is currently one of the main cast of Wolf Pack a coming of age Werewolf show. So it's probably just about paycheques and interest in the works.

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