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  1. Both of them being able to talk and actually interact with one another IS A DREAM COME TRUE. Imagine how cute it would be for both of them to tease and mess each other continuously.

  2. Thank you for simplifying it, I understand it better now. The thing is dragons in my world can snap back to reality when they're defeated though they're not the same anymore. They become like freaks in the society. No longer normal and have to be bear the discrimination and prejudice. I want the dragons to be an allegory of schizoprenia. Where the person loses themselves and have to deal with impairment after. Something like that lol. The neither humanity and Liaz wanted them and in the days (before world mesh together) the corrupted are use in entertainment in gladiator fights.

  3. Sorry for the late reply, things have gotten hectic from where I am, but anyways

  4. Thanks for the suggestion! Thank you for having time to reply on my post. What are you doing now?


  6. Does anyone else feel a minor existential dread when they see themselves reflected in a blank screen after fapping?

  7. No, I just wash my hands when I finish

  8. 500 words? Amateur, gotta pump those numbers up

  9. For her EX skill, her bird wields a bomb

  10. Never feel bad if you can’t make it to streams or can’t donate to your favorite vtubers. Even your consideration and little gestures of support like liking and commenting are enough. Time and money can be in short supply because of various reasons, so it’s understandable!

  11. The problem is, I can't even join the livestream (woman you stream at 3am JST good lord HAHAHA)

  12. The story I'm writing right now (King: The Silver King's Echo) is actually a prequel to many more stories I have that act as a sequel AND a standalone. The stories have different systems in terms of magic, culture, setting and etc. But the main character is still the same main character, though his personality also changes in every story.

  13. "No, I don't want that! My waifus disappearing...?! I just want to hug and headpat them more and nothing else! Even after I have exams... I want to keep hugging and headpatting them for a while! Ten years, at least!" -Syl

  14. "Ah, must have stolen a sweet roll ey? Tch, the lack of self-restraint..." - The guards of Skyrim

  15. "Look at that... Thing. Smiling as if being in prison was just a casual Tuesday. Good thing there aren't may more criminals like you, or else Skyrim would be a mess."

  16. Most of abydos have their Egypt culture references they are not exactly t What they are referring, also don't know about aru being a god guess you're overthinking kk

  17. It was at this moment, Phantom forgot that Dokutah can see people who are literally invisible like Manticore and Ethan, so in the end, Phantom got caught by 0 sanity axe wielding Dokutah

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