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  1. I've always looked forward to getting my ass whooped by 『Berserker of Absolutely No Relation to a Certain Saber』

  2. that happens to me in almost every dungeon, i dunno what causes it

  3. It tends to happen when transitioning from room to room while chasers are chasing after either an object, or a target that's already dead.

  4. Now that slayer is done, who’s next?

  5. It was originally a toss-up between Fighters and Gunners, but I might actually do Priests so I can do a Buffer video without going out of order... Maybe.


  7. If it was a community server brining up the preset rules, you wouldn’t see people chatting in the background

  8. Yeah, definitely not the preset rules. According to one of my mods, it's possibly

  9. It could be, although I highly doubt it is unless the server this is happening on has forums. Only selected few have the feature. Can you try clearing your cache?

  10. Awesome guide! Unrelated, is that a damage number mod? Would you mind linking it

  11. wait which ring is needed? Or do you mean the bracelet?

  12. Exorcist works well with it, Lightning Amulet has a very good damage/cooldown ratio on top of being a quick install, and Spinning Cross isn't too far behind for the second talisman skill

  13. I also like shikigami legion talisman, it saves like 3 seconds of dps

  14. Generally not worth taking the skill (much less the talisman) for P.Exo. The numbers are kinda low.

  15. OK, so I was told in Rocco that my buff was 31k. And it wasn't just one guy, it was all 3 members of my party. And he tried to explain, but I don't quite understand how/why crit damage helps my buffs. I could use a ELI5 on that one.

  16. awesome, with my soul bender i only have angervadil and caliburn really necessary?

  17. This is insane. I notice that you set X to ghost slash. What key do you use for your normal attack?

  18. I recommend watching Cyclone's guide on using AntiMicro to use a controller for DFO.

  19. I patiently look for to see a class showcase for my beloved Majesty class. 😄

  20. Majesty will probably be my first Female Slayer, so there's that.

  21. First video of the series, where I (hopefully) plan to showcase all of the classes in the game to help people get started on the right foot.

  22. you shood do video about Stats how they work and how mechanicly works all sets .For new players a big confusion are stats - wat is beter 5 ele vs 15% PMI vs 15 Bonus dmg ( for new pets \ auras \ etc ).

  23. I actually planned on making a mini-series on DFO fundamentals like stats, damage modifiers, elemental damage, etc.

  24. You need a full set of Level 100 Legendary/Epic equipment to change BP options. All twelve slots.

  25. Should I be going for the extra named mob rooms? Or should I just clear as many dungeons as possible instead?

  26. Personally, I'd say rushing to the boss room is recommended. I don't know if there's any merit in doing extra rooms unless there are any particular ones with large mob density.

  27. Excuse my lack of energy throughout the video. I stayed up all night 'cause I'm irresponsible and streamed way too much this past week.

  28. Also, I've (finally) just finished adding subtitles to the entire video just in case anyone can't decipher my mumbling.

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