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  1. A protolang's adjectives are derived from both nouns and verbs.

  2. What exact system for numeral classifiers would be best for an analytical language? Which system is the most common?

  3. I wonder if the current residents have seen the series and its spin-offs.

  4. Well considering that the series is using G1 as a base for the lore, it's very likely that combiners and triple changers exist, and it is possible that the 3 new terrans could have multiple alt modes, but it's not certain.

  5. True, though it could be interesting to speculate the perfect alt modes for them based on their personality so far.

  6. These glyphs are my demo glyphs. The logography is supposed to look like it's carved in trees with knives, leaving to strong vertical lines.

  7. Not everyone's writing them because they want an alternate/better ending or to complain. The episode one is of the ones that create a great premise to a more mature LH story that's easy to work on. It's flexible too. It can be a premise for a hurt/comfort, drama, family, or even an adventure. And no matter what you say, people won't stop writing about it. Definitely not after reading a reddit post.

  8. I agree. Plus, some writers want to be experimental.

  9. He did do that with the recent Ronniecoln and a Lincoln vlogs.

  10. Thanks for clarity. I don’t read comics.

  11. I think people are just so fucking obsessed with it. It's just a damn cartoon.

  12. While it is, that excuse was used by people to vilify the fanfic, and others like the writings of That Engineer projects like Requiem of a Loud, and so forth. For me, it's losing its meaning, becoming spam like this one user being certain that Rosalie Chang(Mei from Disney-Pixar's Turning Red) is Chloe's new VA when there is no evidence, and probably Empty Kangaroo's desires for a Loud House equivalent of the Family Guy episode Seahorse Seashell Party done right with Lincoln in Meg's role. Plus, realistic cartoons are a thing. Like Hey Arnold or As Told By Ginger.

  13. A lot of people getting the wrong ideas about the authors. Believing in stereotypes and whatnot. Radicalists included.

  14. Which story starts it all? I was about to try to read the one about them having a beach day and I'm really confused on who some of the characters are and which point in the show you wrote this story to take place.

  15. oooh, if ever the really loud house gets a s2(or maybe a halloween movie next year), and there’s going to be a wrestling episode(or some wrestling elements in the live action halloween movie), I want to see Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio play as a masked lucha libre team(bonus points for letting the staff allow Rey’s Wife to play a nurse and Rey’s Daughter/Dominik’s sister to play a burpin burger employee?)

  16. Maybe Grey DeLisle Griffin as Mrs. Bernardo and John DiMaggio as Flip?

  17. If this is in Downey, CA, then this the genesis of what would become Taco Bell.

  18. Was it another name for grilled cheese? Compared to this menu?

  19. I wonder what the melted cheese could mean.

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