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  1. If you are in EU try to get Smartgas - cheapest, best efficiency.

  2. I have one already but i just wanted to say its a really nice price for a kit + 5 mags

  3. Hey what stock is that?

  4. Fair enough, how long have you owned the gun and how often do you field it?

  5. I've owned it for around 8 months now and I bought it already used and didnt change anything in it so far. I use it almost daily for backyard plinking and on most Sunday games. I shoot around 4-5 mags per day so I would say I shot through it 25-30k bbs. The previous owner was also an active airsofter and had it for a year or so I think so I would double the amount that was shot through it overall.

  6. Well that’s definitely going to be my buy then if nothing has been replaced in yours, amazing how something hasn’t broken, it will definitely suit me then! How is the range on the gun, may I ask?

  7. I would say 60m is your solid range with 0.36g and green gas and npas set to 1.4j

  8. How did you attach the red-dots?

  9. I held one of those and they feel really cheap. I've never held a replica that is as cheap feeling as this one

  10. That's...still a bit steep for something that I'll have to work on internally. Should have bought one when it was like half the price...

  11. Why do you think you will need to work on it?

  12. At that pricepoint, you want a top performer. ETU, better barrel, hop, etc. Things you'd want on an expensive gun to not feel bad when you're getting outgunned by some random kid with a cyma plat 🤣

  13. I want the best externals and you cant get vss-m from anyone else.

  14. BCM MCMR hands down, its newer, better, more realistic, trigger is fantastic, its durable and ofc its officially trademarked by bcm

  15. yes and I tried it and I still think bcm is better

  16. Such a huge collection and no WA2000? :(

  17. One day there will be. But it’s going to be an asahi

  18. I just found out something like this exists and the first article about it shows it being placed on cement pavement 😬

  19. nice but the issue with black background is that guns are barely visible, I went for the non-painted version of those peg boards

  20. Well, I'm certainly glad I got my KWA Tavor just fine. It's flashhider was orange but was hand tight. Looking back on it, I'm pretty lucky that Customs gave it the greenlight lol.

  21. where did you manage to buy KWA Tavor?

  22. if a seal was a gun haha, I can never get over the way it looks

  23. excellent, where did you get the furniture?

  24. I have both and I'm sorry but newest VFC are so much better than MWS.

  25. I owned once the BCM and additional an HK416a5 and I would still prefere the TM MWS over the VFC ones since the MWS is much more reliable in cold weather

  26. yes MWS is the king of cold weather performance but the externals, the kick and the overall quality of BCM is something too important for me. In the winter I simply use hpa tapped gbbrs, BCM I didnt tap cause of the placement of the valve

  27. Hey would you be interested in selling one?

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