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  1. The interesting thing about the last episode is that I felt like it was the first time Blitz was so blatant and obvious with his attraction to Millie & Moxxie. Like before it felt like they didn't quite know why Blitz followed them around. But after at last episode, I mean it kind of has to be obvious to them now.

  2. So I assume that instead of a large tron, they'll be coming out through one side tunnels in the arena.

  3. I mean at this point I don't think he would give a shit.

  4. Trying to predict what matches are on each night of Mania (along with what we already know):

  5. Orton, Riddle, Styles, Nakamura, and Big E as surprise appearance? You know the 5 of them in a faction sounds kinda sick.

  6. Regarding Mercedes, I'll say again that I would just be really surprised if her run ended after only 3 matches. I mean, I guess in the ends it's all about money and whether or not her and Bushiroad comes to terms on more dates. But in my head, I assumed she'd be doing this for at least a year. At least until next year's Wrestle Kingdom.

  7. Not a bad for considering it's NXT and taking place the same day as Night 1 of Mania. Looks like they'll fill most of the lower section.

  8. I’ve seen some comparisons though honestly I think the Elite stuff mostly lines up with the Kevin and Sami stuff in terms of friends reuniting.

  9. I assume you're talking about the Men's Showcase Match. That match already has 4 teams and it's a normal match. So they can't really add a 5th team to it. The only way Orton & Riddle could be involved would be if one of the teams got taken out.

  10. I'm not really fearing it at this point. Amphibia telegraphed it was going to end that way when Sprig was in denial about having to say goodbye to Anne, only to then have to say goodbye.

  11. Will be great to have him back. Very few are as effortlessly over as he is.

  12. Mercedes/Sasha feels like she's the 1 person in wrestling that the media can never pin down the whole story on her.

  13. The "I love you" from Roman felt almost like a hail mary manipulation tactic from Roman to keep Jey on his side as he can feel him slipping away.

  14. "Lately I'm feeling a certain way about AEW"

  15. I'll say Bronson Reed. Just give them 10 minutes for a BIG MEATY MEAT match.

  16. 2013 had Bruno, Trish, Foley, Backland, and Booker. It's the 1st one that came to my mind.

  17. So they're staying, if their contracts were even up to begin with.

  18. Couple of things here. It wasn't so much Bret "decided" to go to WCW. Well, he did, but that was more of a case of Vince going to Bret and saying "I can't pay you what I originally agreed to pay you, so I'm giving you permission to negotiate with WCW".

  19. I liked even the small moment of Sami backing away from KO when he was walking towards him until they embraced.

  20. Between the opening segment, closing segment, Rey/Dom segment, and the Charlotte/Rhea segment, this was one of those shows that showed sometimes wrestling is the least important part, lol.

  21. So what we don't see before this is Darius going "got the book, got the book, got this f*cking heavy book"

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