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  1. Yeah, that’s kinda scummy on her part

  2. Nearly lost friends to it, thought about it myself. It's not a fun thing, and i wish it didn't exist because of the amount of people that have been lost to it. Truly saddens me

  3. No worries bro, I did too at that age, but you just have to remember those who truly care about you.

  4. The death of Shinzo Abe, and how It relates to gun control. Personally, I see this as indisputable proof that as long as people have a need for guns, they will acquire or build them by any means necessary, and by further restricting them, it will have a similar effect as the current abortion crisis. As it becomes more difficult to obtain the desired good / service, people will go to more extreme measures to do so.

  5. I better not see anyone say lightning McQueen crocks, clone helmets and goblin mode

  6. I thought the go “Woaaaaaaaaaaaaoh!” and “ hm hm hmhmh hm hm”

  7. I was screwing around with some friends a few years ago out on their ranch when we had the bright idea to go skeet shooting out in the field. Long story short, my 20 gauge fell over and I now have a few grams of bird shot in my leg that I never told my parents about. Hope I don’t get an MRI any time soon.

  8. 308 Negra Arroya Ln Albuquerque NM 87104? Is this a breaking bad reference?

  9. Tbh, half cum prince would sound better

  10. She sounds like Cartman in that one episode of southpark when he has to get immunized

  11. Hell yeah! Go America! Convicting mfs of battery and assault since 1776! Woooo!

  12. What makes guns stupid? Personally, I think there should be ammo control.

  13. Cuz they’re tools of mass murder that almost anyone can acquire and use

  14. Yeah, so limit the amount of common ammo(such as 9mm/5.56) used in such murder weapons as the Glock19 and pretty much any Armalite style of firearm (AR-15). If there is no ammo, there is no projectile/propellant to shoot people. That way, gun enthusiasts get to keep their guns, and the true dangerous component of the firearm is gone, and now you just have a hell of an expensive club.

  15. You have been visited by the testicular-tortion fairy

  16. Sycophant is a word dingus look in the dictionary and it’s used to describe yes man hidden through dialogue with general Oliver after doing yes man’s ending

  17. Yes. Not answering a math question correctly certainly signifies the downfall of civilization. :neutral_face:

  18. You’re just mad that you were part of the majority that answered 0.10

  19. These are the same people that say modern Star Trek is too "woke." Sure buddy, the show with the first ever interracial kiss on television wasn't progressive, just like Star Wars wasn't pushing progressive politics in '77.

  20. Clearly you didn’t read the book Starship Trooper

  21. Kerosene and napalm, and a lot of it

  22. Yeah I am still waiting for "decisions matter" -type of games with more complex mechanics like this. I also love it when I make some decisions and I don't even know I am making a decision and then later on something goes differently. All existing decisions matter type of games just tend to have super shallow decisions like a couple different endings with "I will side with character x or y" -type decisions.

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